Client NameJurisdictionChargeResult
A. A.LincolnInterstate Stop Poss/W/I/D Marijuana2 years
A. B.EBRAgg Criminal Damage to PropertyDismissed
A. C.EBRBank FraudReduced to MISD.
A. F.EBR2nd Degree MurderGuilty Manslaughter, 12 years.
A. G.Pointe CoupeeChild PornographyPled to Indecent Behavior, 1 year sentence/5 years Probation
A. H.EBRBattery of a Police Officer/Resisting a Police OfficerDismissed
A. J.EBRPWID MarijDismissed
A. J.EBRInsurance FraudDismissed
A. J.EBRSecond Degree MurderGrand Jury - No True Bill
A. L.EBRTheft of GoodsDismissed
A. L.Fed. Ct. MDTarget of Environmental CrimeNo Indictment Filed
A. S.EBRArmed RobberyDismissed
A. S.EBRAtt 2nd Deg Murder/Agg Flight from OfficerDismissed
B. B.BRCCDWIReduced to R/O
B. B.WBRSimple RapeDismissed
B. B.EBRSimple Burg.Dismissed
B. C.WBRP/W/I/D CocaineReduced to Simple Poss./Probation
B. C.IbervilleContributing to Delinquency/P/W/I/D Sch. IIDismissed
B. H.EBRPWID CocaineDismissed
B. H.Fed Ct MDHealth Care Fraud12 months probation
B. J.EBRDWI/Vehicular HomicideActive Supervised probation 2 Years
B. L.EBR2nd Degree BatteryDismissed
B. L.IbervillePossession of CDSSuppression Granted; Case Dismissed
B. R.EBRPoss Sched II/Ill Carrying of Weapons w CDSDismissed
B. S.EBRDomestic Abuse BatteryDismissed
B. S.Fed Ct. EDTarget of Bankruptcy FraudNo charges filed
B. W.CatahoulaP/W/I/D Sch./Weapon with CDSSimple Poss - Fined
C. A.EBRPWID MarijDismissed
C. A.IbervilleP/W/I/D Cocaine5 yrs. Susp Probation
C. A.Fed Ct. MDMail FraudHalfway House
C. B.EBRAgg BatteryDismissed
C. B.EBRPoss of Firearm by Convicted FelonDismissed
C. B.EBRP/W/I/D CocaineReduced 5 years probation
C. B.EBRAttempted Murder/Felon w/ GunReduced to 2nd degree battery, Probation
C. B.EBRAttempted ManslaughterResponsive Verdict Agg. Battery, 2 years work release.
C. B.EBRDWI 4thReduced to DWI 1st
C. B.EBR2nd Degree Batt.Reduced to Simple Batt.
C. C.EBR2nd Degree MurderNegligent Homicide/Boot Camp 8 Months
C. C.Fed Ct. EDTarget in Bank FraudNo charges filed
C. D.EBRAtt. 2nd Deg MurderConvicted of Illegal discharge, 2 years Parish Prison
C. D.EBRAgg. 2nd Degree BatteryDismissed
C. D.LivingstonAgg. BatteryReduced to Disturbing the Peace
C. D.EBRAgg. BatteryGuilty of Simple Battery and Fined
C. E.EBRPWID MarijuanaDismissed
C. F.EBRPoss Cocaine 28-200 gramsDismissed
C. G.Fed. Ct. MD/EDTarget for Federal BriberyNo indictment or charges filed
C. G.Fed. Ct. EDTarget for Mail FraudNo indictment or charges filed
C. G.EBRObscenityFound Not Guilty
C. H.ASCDWI 3rdMotion to Suppress Granted,reduced to MISD.
C. H.EBRPublic Contract Fraud2 years Probation
C. H.Lafayette2nd Degree BatteryDismissed
C. J.EBRDist of CocaineDismissed
C. J.EBRTheft over $500Dismissed
C. M.EBR2 PWID CocaineDismissed
C. M.EBRStalkingDismissed
C. M.EBRAgg 2nd Deg Battery/Armed RobberyDismissed
C. M.Fed. Ct. WDInterstate Stop, 24 lbs CocaineMotion to Suppress Granted, Case Dismissed.
C. R.EBRAgg 2nd Deg Battery/Armed RobberyDismissed
C. R.WBRObscenityDismissed
C. R.Fed Ct. MDConspiracy Interstate TraffickingProbated Sentence
C. S.EBR2nd Degree MurderJury Trial - Not Guilty verdict
C. T.EBRPWID MarijDismissed
C. T.EBRAtt. 2nd Degree MurderDismissed
C. T.EBRPWID CocaineDismissed
C. W.EBRPWID CocaineDismissed
C.W.EBR2nd Degree MurderJury Trial - Not Guilty Verdict
C. W.EBRAtt 2nd Deg Murder/Assault by Drive By Shooting/Agg BurglaryDismissed
D. B.EBRPWID MarijuanaDismissed
D. B.EBRPWID CocaineDismissed
D. B.EBRAtt 1st Deg Murder (3)Dismissed
D. B.EBR2 counts Attempted MurderDismissed
D. B.WBRSimple Burg.Dismissed
D. C.EBRPWID MarijuanaDismissed
D. C.EBRComputer FraudDismissed
D. D.EBRAgg Rape/Agg Incest (2)Dismissed
D. D.WBRMolestation of a Juvenile/Forcible RapeJury Trial - Not Guilty verdict
D. D.EBRAtt. 2nd Degree MurderReduced to Illegal Discharge of a Weapon, 6 month sentence
D. FFed Ct MDWire Fraud3 years Probation/6 months home detention
D. G.EBRTerrorizingDismissed
D. H.EBRUnauthorized Use of Motor VehicleDismissed
D. H.OrleansIndecent Behavior w/ Juv.5 years Probation
D. H.HoumaComputer SolicitationDismissed
D. K.Jefferson2nd DWIDismissed
D. K.East Fel.Extortion3 years Probation/6 months home detention
D. L.EBRIll Carrying Weapons w CDS/Poss 200-399g CocaineDismissed
D. M.EBRAtt. 2nd Deg MurderDismissed
D. M.EBRPoss Ill Firearm by Convicted FelonDismissed
D. M.EBRPoss Firearm by Conv Felon/PWID CocaineDismissed
D. O.EBRSimple BatteryDismissed
D. O.EBRPWID MarijDismissed
D. Q.EBRPWID MarijDismissed
D. S.EBRBattery of Police Officer/Resisting an OfficerDismissed
D. S.EBRSimple RapeDismissed
D. S.Fed Ct. MDBank FraudIndictment Dismissed
D. S.ASCHazing and Failure to ReportFound Not Guilty
D. T.EBRPrin Simple BurglaryDismissed
D. W.EBRTheftDismissed
D. W.EBR2nd Deg Murder/Ill Use of WeaponDismissed
D. W.EBR2nd Degree MurderJury-Not Guilty
D. W.EBRNegligent HomicideSupervised probation 3 Years S/ 893
D. W.EBRPWID HydrocodoneDismissed
D. W.West Fel.2nd DWIFound Not Guilty
D.C.Livingston3 Counts Attempted 2nd Degree MurderPled to Illegal Carrying of a Weapon/Probation
E. A.WBRAggr. IncestDismissed
E. B.BRCCDWIReduced to Reckless/Fine
E. B.Iberville10 counts of attempted 1st degree murderReduced to Inciting a Riot/Probation
E. C.EBRPWID Marij/PWID CocaineDismissed
E. D.EBRAtt 2nd Deg Murder (3)/Agg Crim Damage to PropDismissed
E. L.Pointe CoupeeVehicular HomicideReduced to DWI, Fine.
E. M.EBRDWI/Hit & Run DrivingDismissed
E. P.EBRAgg BurglaryDismissed
E. S.EBRIllegal Carrying of Weapons w CDS/Poss Sched IIAll Dismissed
F. A.Fed Ct. MDMail Fraud18 months
F. P.EBRObstruction of Justice/Att Manslaughter/Agg BatteryDismissed
F. S.Fed Ct. MDTarget of Bank FraudNo charges filed
F. S.Fed Ct. MDTarget of Hobbs ActNo charges filed
G. A.EBRPWID MarijDismissed
G. B.EBRPWID Marij / Poss Sched IIAll Dismissed
G. B.BRCCDWIDismissed
G. B.EBRArmed RobberyDismissed
G. C.EBRFelon in Poss Firearm/False Imprisonment/Poss. Of CocaineDismissed
G. E.Sabine1st Degree MurderAccessory After the Fact/Manslaughter
G. N.Tangipahoa2nd DWIDismissed
G. P.Fed. Ct MDTarget Bank FraudNo charges filed
G. R.EBRSimple BurglaryDismissed
G. S.EBRUnauth Use of Motor VehicleDismissed
G. T.Fed Ct. EDHobbs Act/Bribery2 years Probation
G. V.EBRDWI 1st/General Speed LawDismissed
H. S.EBRDWI 1stDismissed
H. S.RapidesAgg. BatteryDismissed
H. W.EBRPoss 29-199g Cocaine/PWID MarijDismissed
I. C.EBRDomestic Abuse BatteryDismissed
I. F.Fed. Ct. EDTarget of Mail FraudNo charges filed
J. A.EBRPWID MarijDismissed
J. A.EBRForcible RapeNo charges filed
J. A.EBRTheftNot Guilty
J. B.EBRAgg BurglaryDismissed
J. B.EBRDWI/Careless OperationDismissed
J. B.WBRStalkingDismissed
J. B.Rapides4th DWIReduced to 2nd DWI
J. B.Fed Ct Ala.Environmental CrimeDismissed
J. B.EBRPoss MJDismissed
J. B.Fed. Ct. So TXTarget of Insurance FraudNo charges filed
J. B.Fed. Ct. Ala.Target of Bank FraudNo charges filed
J. C.EBRFelony TheftDismissed
J. C.EBRTheftDismissed
J. C.EBRPoss MDMA/Poss >400g cocaine/Unlawful Use of Body ArmorDismissed
J. C.EBR1st Deg Murder/Agg Burglary/Armed RobberyDismissed
J. C.EBRPWID CocaineDismissed
J. C.EBRSimple Battery/Agg AssaultDismissed
J. C.ASCDomestic ViolenceDismissed
J. C.EBRArmed RobberyGuilty of Accessory After Fact/Fine and Probation
J. C.EBRTerrorizing/Illegal Carrying of a WeaponReduced to Remaining of Premises, 894 def.
J. C.EBRAgg. BatteryDismissed
J. C.Fed. Ct. MDMail Fraud6 months Halfway Home
J. D.EBRATT/PWID/CocaineDismissed
J. D.EBRDWI (4)Active Supervised probation 1 Year Ct. granted release of halfway house
J. D.Fed. Ct. MDTarget of Bank FraudNo Indictment Filed
J. F.LivingstonSimple Burglary/A/RDismissed
J. G.EBRCriminal Conspiracy/Simple BurglaryDismissed
J. G.EBRPoss Weapons w CDS/Poss MDM ecstasy/Codeine PossDismissed
J. G.EBR2 cts. Att. 2nd Degree Murder/1 ct. 2nd Degree MurderGuilty of Manslaughter (8 years)
J. G.EBRSecond Degree MurderGuilty Manslaughter, 13 years.
J. G.EBRAgg. RapeDismissed
J. G.Lafayette3 counts Agg. BatteryDismissed
J. G.WBRAtt. 2nd Degree MurderGuilty Att. Manslaughter, 10 years.
J. G.CalcasieuAgg. BatteryDismissed
J. G.EBRObscenityPled Criminal Mischief, fined.
J. H.EBRMolestation of a JuvenileActive Supervised probation
J. H.EBRBank FraudDismissed
J. H.EBRArmed RobberyNegotiated plea to simple robbery, 3 years/susp.
J. J.EBRSimple BurglaryFound Guilty of Misdemeanor - Fine
J. J.EBRAtt 2nd Deg Murder/Armed RobberyDismissed
J. J.EBRIll Carrying Weapons w CDS/PWID MarijDismissed
J. J.EBRAttempted 2nd Degree MurderMotion to Suppress Granted, Case Dismissed.
J. J.EBRSecond Degree BatteryGrand Jury - No True Bill
J. K.EBRAttempted 2nd Degree MurderST no billed
J. K.EBRBank FraudDismissed
J. M.EBRFelony TheftDismissed
J. M.EBRAtt. 2nd Degree Murder/Armed RobberyDismissed (all)
J. M.EBR2nd Deg MurderDismissed
J. M.SabineAgg. RapeDismissed
J. P.WBRAgg. BatteryDismissed
J. P.Fed Ct. EDCounterfeitingPTI
J. R.EBRPoss of MarijDismissed
J. R.EBRAgg. Rape with WeaponNegotiated a plea to Sexual Battery Parish Prison 10 Years
J. S.Terrebonne2nd Degree MurderFound Guilty of Accessory after fact - 5 years
J. T.EBRAtt 2nd Degree Murder/Obstruction of JusticeDismissed
J. T.Fed Ct. MDWire FraudNo charges filed
K. A.EBRIllegal Use of a Weapon (2)Dismissed
K. A.EBRAttempted MurderDismissed
K. B.EBRIssuing Worthless ChecksDismissed
K. B.EBRPWID Marij/Resisting an Officer/Criminal ConspiracyDismissed
K. B.EBRP/W/I/D CocaineReduced Att. Poss Cocaine
K. B.St John BaptistNegligent HomicideNolle Prossed
K. B.WBRForcible RapeDismissed
K. B.EBR2nd Degree MurderDismissed
K. B.EBRCultivation of MarijuanaDismissed
K. C.EBRPWID CocaineDismissed
K. C.West Fel.Distr. Of Marijuana/Intro of Contraband into PenalPlead Simple Poss, Dismissed Felonies
K. C.Fed. Ct. MDTarget of Environmental CrimeNo charges filed
K. D.EBRMedicaid Fraud, poss of a CDSSentence 893 for 2yrs ASP
K. F.IndianaP/W/I/D Sch. IVNegotiated a MISD. Plea w/ Probation
K. G.EBR2nd Deg RobberyDismissed
K. L.SabineForcible RapeSexual Battery, 16 months in Parish Prison.
K. M.ASCPoss of Sched. IIIDismissed
K. P.EBRAtt 1st Deg Murder (3)Dismissed
K. R.EBRS/Burglary/of DwellingDismissed
K. S.EBRPoss Sched IIDismissed
K. S.Fed Ct. MDConspiracy Wire FraudIndictment Dismissed
L. B.EBRHit and Run DrivingDismissed
L. C.EBRAtt. 1st Degree Murder/Illegal Discharge of a WeaponReduced to Agg. Assault
L. D.EBRArmed Robbery/Att 1st Degree MurderDismissed
L. D.AssumpAgg. 2nd Degree BatteryDismissed
L. F.EBRFelony Theft/Armed RobberyDismissed
L. H.EBRAgg. BatteryDismissed
L. H.EBRArsonDismissed
L. H.EBR2nd Degree MurderGuilty of Manslaughter (15 years)
L. P.Fed. Ct WDMail FraudNo charges filed
L. P.St. MaryCheating on Gaming PremisesDismissed
L. S.EBRMolestation of a JuvenileReduced to Misdemeanor Sent 894 Probation 1 year
L. S.EBRAtt. 2nd Deg MurderDismissed
M. A.EBRPWID CocaineDismissed
M. A.EBRPoss/Sched 1 NarcDismissed
M. A.EBRDWINot Guilty
M. A.Fed Ct. WDBankruptcy FraudDismissed
M. B.EBRSimple Burglary (3)Dismissed
M. B.EBRSimple Burglary/A/RReduced to MISD./Fine
M. B.EBRAgg. IncestDismissed
M. B.EBRP/W/I/D Marijuana6 Mo. Bench Probation
M. B.LIVAgg. BatteryDismissed
M. B.LIVAbuse of Juvenile/Domestic AbuseDismissed
M. B.West Fel.Negligent HomicideDismissed
M. B.EBRDWIReduced R/O
M. C.EBRAgg. BatteryDismissed
M. C.EBRDWIDismissed
M. C.EBRBattery of School TeacherNot Guilty
M. C.BRCCDWI 2ndGuilty of Reckless Operation
M. C.EBR8 counts Simple BurglaryDismissed
M. C.EBRIllegal Carrying of a Weapon/Agg. AssaultFound Not Guilty
M. C.EBRSimple RapeNo Charges Filed
M. G.EBRForgery/Felony TheftDismissed
M. H.EBRHydrocodone PossessionDismissed
M. H.EBRSimple RobberyDismissed
M. H.East Fel.Malfeasance in OfficeDismissed of Charges During Trial
M. H.WBR2 counts of Att. 1st Degree MurderDismissed
M. H.EBR2nd Degree MurderGuilty of Manslaughter, 12 years.
M. J.EBRPWID CocaineDismissed
M. J.EBRArmed RobberyReduced to Simple Robbery - Active Supervised probation
M. J.EBRAggr. Battery and ThiefDismissed
M. L.EBRDWINot Guilty
M. L.EBRPublic Official Target Letter regarding InvestigationNo charges filed
M. P.EBR2nd Deg BatteryDismissed
M. P.Fed Ct. MDComputer ExtortionProbated
M. T.EBRArmed RobberyDismissed
M. V.EBR2nd Degree Murder/Discharge of FirearmsNegotiated plea to manslaughter minimum sentence of 10 years
M. Y.EBRArmed RobberyDismissed
N. A.EBR JUV.Aggr. Rape / BurglaryDismissed
N. B.EBRSimple BurglaryDismissed
N. D.EBRAtt. 2nd Deg MurderDismissed
N. M.EBRDrugs-Sched IIDismissed
N. M.TangipahoaSexual Battery/MolestationDismissed
N. S.TensasDist. Marijuana, Simple Escape1 year Parish Prison
O. F.EBRP/W/I/D Sch. IIDismissed
O. R.EBRBurglary Inhabited Dwelling (2)Dismissed
P. B.EBRPayroll FraudDismissed
P. G.EBRPossession of CocaineDismissed
P. M.Fed Ct. MDTarget of Bank FraudDismissed
P. S.EBRIllegal Carrying of a WeaponDismissed
R. A.EBRP/W/I/D CocaineDismissed
R. B.EBRSimple BurglaryDismissed
R. B.EBRAgg. Battery/Simple RobberyDismissed
R. B.EBRUnauth Entry of Inhabited DwellingDismissed
R. B.EBRDomestic Abuse Battery (2)Dismissed
R. B.WBR2 counts Att. Murder of a Police OfficerReduced Sentence 7 months
R. B.AssumpDWI 2nd/Poss MJNot Guilty
R. B.EBRAtt. MurderIllegal Discharge of a Firearm, 2 years.
R. B.Pointe CoupeeAtt. 2nd Degree MurderDismissed
R. C.EBRPWID CocaineDismissed
R. C.EBRPoss. Ill Firearm by Convicted FelonDismissed
R. C.EBRPoss. CocaineDismissed
R. C.EBRAtt. 2nd Degree MurderFound Guilty Responsive Verdict 2nd Degree Battery
R. C.East Fel.Forcible RapeDismissed
R. C.Fed. Ct. MDTarget in Bankruptcy FraudNo charges filed
R. C.ASCDWINot Guilty
R. D.EBRManslaughterDismissed
R. D.St. MaryPoss of MJ/Illegal Carrying of a WeaponDismissed
R. D.AvoyellesAtt. MurderPlead to MISD Illegal Carrying of a Weapon
R. E.Fed. Ct. EDTarget for Wire FraudNo Indictment Filed/Charges Dismissed
R. F.LafayetteChild PornographyIndecent Behavior - Probation
R. H.EBROral Sexual BatteryDismissed
R. H.RapidesP/W/I/D Sch. IIDismissed
R. H.EBR2 counts Simple BurglaryDismissed
R. J.EBRArmed RobberyReduced to Conspiracy. Sentenced Supervised probation
R. M.St. Charles3rd Offense DWIDismissed
R. N.EBRMolestation of a JuvenileSent 2yrs DOC HL susp & placed on 5yrs Prob.
R. O.Fed. Ct.So TXPoss 18 gal. GHB15 months in prison
R. P.FranklinComputer Solicitation of JuvenileReduced - Probation
R. S.EBRBurglary Inhabited DwellingDismissed
R. W.EBRManslaughterparish prison-5 years
R. W.EBRArmed Robbery (2)Responsive verdict to simple robbery Parish Prison 4 Years
R. W.EBRAccessory after the Fact/2nd Degree MurderDismissed
R. W.EBRAtt. 1st Deg Murder / Firearm by Conv FelonDismissed
R. W.EBRPoss Of Stolen Firearm/Poss Ill Firearm by Conv FelDismissed
R. W.St. TammanyDWIFound Not Guilty
S. A.EBRP/W/I/D Sched. IV/ P/W/I/D Sched. III5 Years Probation
S. B.Fed Ct MDFalsification of SSN, 5 counts4 months Halfway House
S. C.EBRAgg. AssaultDismissed
S. C.EBRFalse Imprisonment/Entry,Remain After ForbiddenDismissed
S. C.EBRAtt. 1st Degree MurderDismissed
S. C.West Fel.Insurance FraudArt. 893 and Fine
S. C.EBRFalse Imprisonment/Entry,Remain After ForbiddenDismissed
S. FSt. Martin3 counts vehicular HomicideConvicted of Negligent Homicide (1 year)
S. J.ASCDWI/P/W/I/D MarijuanaDismissed
S. M.Fed. Ct. MDTarget for Hobbs Act ViolationNo indictment or charges filed
S. M.LafayettePoss. of CocaineDismissed
S. M.OuachitaP/W/I/D CocaineMotion to Suppress Granted, Case Dismissed.
S. P.EBRArmed Robbery (2)Negotiated a simple Robbery Plea Sentenced to Parish Prison 2 Years
S. T.RapidesPoss. of Sched. IIDismissed
S. V.EBRTheft of Goods DefinitionDismissed
T. A.EBRSimple BurglaryDismissed
T. B.WBRAgg. BatteryDismissed
T. B.ASCUnauthorized Entry/Domestic Abuse BatteryDismissed
T. B.ASCP/W/I/D MJDismissed
T. B.TexasPossession of CDSDeferred Sentence Granted, Dismissed.
T. C.EBRFelony TheftDismissed
T. C.EBRAtt. 2nd Degree MurderReduced to Agg. Assault and Fine
T. D.EBRPerjury/Malfeasance in Office/Public Payroll FraudJury Trial - Not Guilty verdict
T. F.EBR2nd Degree KidnappingDismissed
T. H.EBRState Official Targeted for Fraud ContractNo indictment or charges filed
T. H.WBR2nd Degree MurderFound Guilty of Manslaughter
T. J.ASCArmed RobberyDismissed
T. K.ASCPossession of CocaineDismissed
T. L.EBRMolestation of a JuvenileActive Supervised Probation
T. L.EBRMedicaid FraudActive Supervised probation
T. L.EBRPoss. Sched 4Dismissed
T. R.EBRForcible Rape/Att 2nd Degree MurderNegotiated Plea to Second degree Battery Supervised probation
T. R.EBRPoss. Sched II/Illegal Carrying of Weapons with CDSDismissed
T. R.EBRAgg. BatteryDismissed
T. S.EBRFelon in Poss FirearmDismissed
V. C.St MartinP/W/I/D Heroin 8 lbsJury Trial - Not Guilty verdict
V. C.Fed. Ct. EDTerrorism2 years Probation
V. D.EBRAgg. Battery/Armed RobberyDismissed
V. T.EBRDWI/Improper Lane UsageDismissed
W. A.EBR5 Offense DWIMotion granted reduced from 5th to 1st offense
W. D.ST. Ct. TXPoss. of CDSDeferred Sentence, Case Dismissed.
W. G.WBRDistr. Of MarijuanaMotion to Suppress Granted, Case Dismissed.
W. H.EBRPWID CocaineDismissed
W. H.EBRAtt. 2nd Degree MurderDismissed
W. J.EBRAgg. BurglaryDismissed
W. K.EBRMedicaid FraudArticle 893 - Deferred
W. R.St John BaptistVehicular HomicidePled to Neg. Homicide, Probation
W. W.EBRDWI 1st/Headlights, Taillights Req'dDismissed
Our attorneys have worked throughout Louisiana and many locations nation wide Our attorneys have worked throughout Louisiana and many locations nation wide