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May 2011 Archives

Man sentenced to 25 years in prison for fourth offense DWI

A first DWI/DUI is frightening. A second or third is even more difficult. After that, any subsequent drunk driving arrests in Louisiana can be downright devastating and have even more long-term impacts. With serious penalties on the line, it is important to consult with a defense attorney who has experience representing people charged with repeat drunk driving offenses.

First of "Angola 5" is convicted of murder, sentenced to death

It should go without saying that murder is a serious charge. Conviction can lead to life behind bars or even worse. When a prisoner serving a life sentence is accused of committing murder during incarceration, as the so-called "Angola 5" have been, conviction can result in the death penalty.

Louisiana man arrested for marijuana, prescription drug crimes

Louisiana troopers assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division commonly team up with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to investigate cases involving prescription drug and narcotics distribution. Individuals associated with these various agencies aggressively pursue and prosecute potential drug offenses. Because the stakes are high for anyone accused of committing a drug offense, it is important to consult with an experienced defense attorney immediately.

Louisiana lawmakers want sex offenders to pay for ID cards

A sex crime conviction can lead to a number of negative consequences. It can result in time behind bars, excessive fines and mandatory sex offender registration. Further, conviction for a sex crime will likely impact a person's relationships with family members, friends, co-workers and others in a neighborhood. As if these penalties are not enough, Louisiana lawmakers are seeking to force sex offenders to buy their own state identification cards.

Defendants plead guilty to credit card fraud in Louisiana court

Credit card fraud occurs when someone intentionally uses another's person's credit card or uses counterfeit credit or debit cards. Like all fraud cases, credit card fraud involves an attempt to knowingly deceive someone for monetary or material gain. Anyone charged with this type of offense faces serious penalties.

Louisiana House to debate new DWI bill for school bus drivers

A drunk driving charge in Louisiana is serious. Conviction can result in severe consequences and may affect many aspects of a person's life. For people whose jobs require them to be seated behind the wheel, a DUI or DWI can be devastating. If certain lawmakers get their way, this type of conviction can lead to even more severe penalties for professional drivers.

East Baton Rouge Parish grand jury indicts man in murder case

It should go without saying that a murder charge is serious. This type of charge sets in motion a chain of events over which a defendant has little control. To make matters worse, the court of public opinion often declares a murder suspect guilty long before the defendant steps into the courtroom. However, it is important to remember that a defendant is considered innocent until proven guilty.

Louisiana couple charged with possession, intent to sell pot

There is no such thing as a small drug crime. Any drug offense charge has the potential to seriously impact someone's life, resulting in long-term ramifications. In addition to legal penalties, conviction can make it difficult to get hired for a good job, rent an apartment or even obtain a loan. That is why any Louisiana drug charge must be aggressively fought.

Louisiana man arrested in child pornography investigation

Louisiana and federal authorities aggressively prosecute cases involving child pornography. Anyone accused of owning, manufacturing, sharing or even merely receiving pornography involving minors faces serious consequences if convicted. Therefore, it is essential that anyone facing this type of sex crime allegation seek the assistance of an experienced defense attorney immediately.

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