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October 2015 Archives

Capital punishment in Louisiana

Murder and homicide crimes are among the most serious crimes that one individual can perform against another, which is why the punishment for such crimes is among the most serious punishment for any crime. First-degree murder convictions often carry the most serious legal penalties available in a given state. In some states, this is life in prison without parole or solitary confinement, but in others, it is the death penalty.

Am I legally required to take a Breathalyzer test?

If a Louisiana police officer pulls you over because he or she suspects that you are driving drunk, you will likely be required to take some tests designed to determine your level of intoxication. These tests can assess many different aspects, including your reflexes, balance and mental alertness, but one of the most common tests involves a Breathalyzer, a machine designed to determine the specific amount of alcohol in your blood.

Texas man sentenced for crimes committed decades ago in Louisiana

If you are at all familiar with the concept of a statute of limitations, then you know that after a certain amount of time, it becomes extremely difficult to bring a lawsuit against another person. The criminal statutes of limitations vary by the severity of the crime in Louisiana. But of course you should not rely on statutes of limitations in order to prevent you from being acquitted of a crime. Your best option is to take legal action in your defense and speak with an attorney before saying anything to the police.

Louisiana woman arrested in connection with fraud scheme

Most people are likely not familiar with fraud, and even if they are, they generally do not fully appreciate just how serious the ramifications of fraud might be. As far as criminal activity goes, fraud may seem relatively light when compared to sexual assault or murder. After all, nobody is physically harmed or emotionally traumatized by fraud in most cases, so it is easy to assume that fraud is simply not a big deal or that the legal consequences will not be very severe. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Defending the accused from all aspects of their charges

If you are facing charges of murder or homicide, you are probably well aware of how serious the consequences of a conviction would be. What you may not know is that these consequences can be made even more severe by additional, aggravating factors that may have affected the way in which the alleged crime was acted out. Defending yourself against these additional factors can be just as important, or even perhaps more important, than defending yourself against the homicide charges themselves.

You can defend yourself against drunk driving charges

We have all experienced the momentary panic of seeing a police officer on the road. You are driving along, and then suddenly you see the police car hidden behind a tree or bush; you immediately take your foot off the accelerator. Frantically, you check your speed to make sure that you are below the limit; you stare into your rearview mirror until the cop is out of sight, breathing a sigh of relief that you were not pulled over.

Louisiana law and cocaine crimes

There are many different types of drug crimes that exist for the laws of any state, ranging from possession, to sale and more. Not only are there many different types of drug crimes, but the penalties for each crime are different for each drug. As such, it can be difficult to keep track of what precisely the penalties for each drug and each crime are. This is why legal assistance is so highly recommended.

What are Louisiana's laws regarding indecent exposure?

When most people think of sex crimes, they imagine sexual acts that are performed without the consent of another individual, such as rape or sexual assault. While these are arguably the most common sex crimes and certainly the most severe, it is still important to remember that there are other sex crimes that come with legal penalties, albeit significantly lower penalties. Some of these acts are called prohibited consensual sexual acts.

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