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December 2015 Archives

Don't let circumstantial evidence condemn you

While there is a legal defense for nearly every type of crime and circumstance, there are certain issues that can make it extremely difficult to claim innocence. For example, if you are accused of sexual assault and investigators find traces of semen matching your DNA on the clothes of the victim, it will be difficult to leave the courtroom with an acquittal. The same can be said for fingerprints on a murder weapon. Sometimes evidence that is less concrete can still harm your case if you are not prepared to defend yourself.

Consensual sex is not always legal

Many people believe that the law regarding sexual assault and other sex crimes is very clear; the phrase "no means no" is often repeated, implying that if one party does not consent to any kind of sexual activity, then forcing that individual to engage in said activity would be illegal. While this is certainly true, it is not always that simple, because in some instances, "yes" can still be illegal.

Helping Louisiana residents defend against drug charges

When it comes to drug charges, law enforcement officials only care about how much you had insomuch as they can make your charges and legal penalties more severe. Some people may think that because they were only in possession of a small amount of some controlled substance that they do not need to take their legal defense seriously. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you are facing drug charges of any kind, it is imperative that you take your legal defense seriously.

The difficulties of defending from white collar crime charges

Many white collar crimes involve the extensive use of computers, often hacking into databases and obtaining information used to steal money, corporate plans or even identities. Because many of these fraudulent crimes require the use of computers, much of the country's modern white collar crimes involve navigating legal issues that are relatively new or unexplored. It can be difficult to properly defend yourself when you are not entirely sure what you are going up against.

What are the statutes for drug crimes in Louisiana?

Every criminal act in every state in the country has a statute of limitations associated with it, a time frame in which legal action can be taken with ease. If the statute of limitations for a case expires, it is often extremely difficult or even impossible to take legal action on the case. For those who are accused of drug crimes, this information can be extremely useful.

What are the penalties for computer crimes in Louisiana?

Computers have completely revolutionized modern society, changing the way we do almost everything. Whether it's swiping a card to pay for something, saving important information to a hard drive or exchanging confidential materials via email, there are dozens of ways in which we might expose ourselves through the use of machinery. Sometimes people fall prey to cyber-attacks or computer crimes, and if you are accused of such activities, it can be hard to prove your innocence.

You can always defend yourself against DUI charges

Generally speaking, police need to have probable cause to pull you over unless you have clearly violated a law, such as speeding or running a red light. What this means is that if an officer notices questionable behavior that is not illegal, you may still be pulled over. Such behavior can include drifting or swerving in your lane or driving too slow, for example, and these displays may cause an officer to wonder if you are intoxicated.

Helping Louisiana residents defend against drug charges

There are many drugs that could land you in trouble with the law in Louisiana, ranging from well-known substances like marijuana and heroin to drugs such as Ecstasy and LSD. The law in Louisiana takes criminal activity involving such drugs very seriously, particularly when it comes to dangerous drugs like cocaine. Being found in possession of such drugs can be extremely dangerous to your future as a conviction might cost a great deal of money in fines and see you spending a significant amount of time in prison.

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