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February 2017 Archives

How to defend yourself against drug possession charges

All states in the U.S. have laws governing the possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS). Louisiana law divides CDS into five Schedules with Schedule 1 being the most dangerous and Schedule 5 being the least dangerous. A conviction of possession of CDS can lead to significant fines and even jail time.

What elements must exist for an embezzlement charge to hold?

The thievery of "assets" by a person who has been granted access to said assets along with the capacity to operate or manage them is classed as embezzlement. It most commonly takes place in a corporate environment. Embezzlement is not in any way limited to the theft of physical assets; it can also come in the form of alteration of files and databases to cover up any theft of finances, this is classed as accounting embezzlement. If a person is given access and authority to operate the assets of a client or company strictly for the use of the former's best interest but instead misuses said assets for personal gain and interest, then this shall also be classed as embezzlement.

How do the courts handle sentencing for sex offenses?

There may be no other area of law that's as stigmatized as sex crimes. The mere accusation of sexual misconduct can besmirch reputations, ruin careers and destroy lives. Sex offenses have brought down some of the most powerful people in the world, some of whom were completely innocent. Sex crime charges also carry severe penalties with them, whether you're a first time offender or you've been convicted before.

Types and elements of insurance fraud

Insurance fraud is commonly classified as an act which involves a fallacious insurance claim in the hopes of monetary compensation in exchange for damages that never actually took place. Insurance fraud is not just committed by insured customers. The roles may be reversed, and in some scenarios, the customers are the victims. The customers might be sold false insurance that has no real coverage, or their insurance returns might be stolen.

Common forms of defense for second-degree murder charges

Second-degree murder is classed as an unlawful killing committed with a clear intention to take the target's life but without prior planning or deliberation. Any slaying caused by the reckless and hazardous activities of the culprit will also be classed as second-degree murder.

Common forms of defense against sexual assault charges

Sexual assault is generally defined as the act of touching or feeling another person's body in a sexual manner without their consent and includes acts that range from simple unwanted touching of the body and groping to attempted rape. While sexual assault is no doubt a heinous crime and victims do deserve justice, it is also true that false allegations are common. There is a number of defenses that are used to protect the defendant.

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