Over 65 Years Of Combined Trial Experience

Damico & Stockstill, Attorneys at Law, are highly skilled, successful and experienced criminal defense lawyers representing clients throughout Louisiana.
Attorneys Brent Stockstill and Tommy Damico

Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Lawyers

Experience Matters

The consequences of serious criminal charges can vary widely from case to case. Defendants charged in nearly identical circumstances often leave court with dramatically differing consequences. Frequently the main difference is the experience of their criminal defense attorneys. As the saying goes: “Serious charges call for serious defense.”

Damico & Stockstill, Baton Rouge criminal defense attorneys, are known for providing powerful defense in matters involving computer and Internet crimes, white collar crimes, homicide and violations of environmental law. We also represent clients in pre-indictment investigations and in federal criminal cases.

Brent Stockstill and Tommy Damico with their staff

Defense And Discretion

Skilled Representation

Our firm uses our trial experience and case preparation skills to provide comprehensive criminal law services. Contact us today to speak with a skilled Baton Rouge lawyer.


“I was arrested and taken to court on a charge that would have put me away for years. My first lawyer recommended a plea even though I was innocent. Went to Damico and took case to trial. Not Guilty! I got my life back because Damico fought for me.”

— C.W.

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