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What are robbery charges?

The most basic definition of robbery is a theft accomplished by the use of force. Robbery is considered a violent crime and is taken seriously by the criminal justice system. Robbery charges are serious criminal charges that can carry steep penalties and consequences so accused individuals should understand what robbery charges entail and how to defend against them.

What are the elements of first-degree murder?

Being accused of murder involves severe allegations and could result in a defendant enduring harsh penalties for the rest of or a large portion of life. It is important to take these charges seriously by not only understanding the charges, but also the defense options available to the defendants.

Asserting a defense against murder charges

There are very few things that are more serious than being accused of murder. These allegations alone have enough power to tarnish a person's reputation permanently. No matter the situation or criminal past of the accused, it is vital to take these accusations seriously by asserting a timely and aggressive defense.

What are the penalties for aggravated assault with a firearm?

Violent crimes tend to fill the media. Such allegations are serious, especially if a person was harmed or killed in the incident. Thus, being accused of a violent crime can have a huge impact on one's personal and professional reputation. Even after the criminal proceedings, a person's tarnished reputation can follow them. Because of this, it is imperative that those facing criminal charges take timely action to initiate a criminal defense. This not only allows the accused to protect their rights, but also limits the impact these allegations can have on their life.

What is second-degree murder?

Being accused of a violent crime can carry significant hardships when compared to nonviolent crimes. These allegations can immediately tarnish one's personal and professional reputation, making it challenging to go back to one's normal life following the criminal process. This makes it imperative to not only initiate the criminal defense process as soon as feasibly possible, but for defendants to fully understand the charges against them and what defense opportunities he or she might have.

What constitutes second-degree murder in Louisiana?

While it is likely an overwhelming time emotionally, those accused of murder or other Louisiana homicide crimes should take the time to protect their name and assert their rights in the matter. Doing so could help the accused clear their name and avoid harsh penalties. In this respect, it may be helpful to understand the difference between first and second-degree murder.

Baton Rouge man charged with attempted murder

Verbal altercations can quickly escalate. When they do they sometimes turn physical in nature. When injuries result from these scuffles, criminal charges can end up being filed against one or more parties involved. Those who are unable to adequately protect themselves from these charges may wind up facing serious penalties, including prison time and financially ruinous fines. This is why those accused of violent crimes need to protect themselves as fully and aggressively as possible.One Baton Rouge man is in this position now after being taken into custody on various criminal charges, including attempted first-degree murder. According to reports, the man got into a fight with another individual outside of a local business. Law-enforcement officials claim that the man physically struck another individual, knocking him to the ground. Reports indicate that the accused individual then went to his car, came back with a gun, and opened fire on the group with which he was tussling. Nobody was injured by those bullets, but they did enter the local business and, according to police, put lives at risk.The accused individual was arrested on multiple charges including attempted first-degree murder, battery, and carrying a firearm. If convicted of these offenses, this individual could face a significant amount of prison time. Prosecutors will likely try to point to the fact that he fled the scene as evidence of his guilt. However, especially given the hostile environment between police officers and civilians, this should have no bearing on his guilt or innocence. But, it may take a strong criminal defense to help redirect jurors' attention away from this fact and toward facts that are favorable to a finding of not guilty.Of course, before this case even gets to trial there will likely be plea bargaining. Plea negotiations are not right for every case, but when the stakes are high it is worth seeing how far are the prosecution will back off of its initial charges. In order to do so, though, an accused individual needs to be prepared with a strong criminal defense strategy. This is where the help of an aggressive and competent attorney can be helpful.

Aggravated assault laws and penalties in Louisiana

Criminal acts in Louisiana and elsewhere committed with a weapon can make a serious crime even more severe. With that in mind, when a weapon is used in the commission of a crime, the accused is likely to face harsher penalties of a conviction takes place. Depending on certain factors and circumstances, the accused offender could endure severe criminal consequences, making it vital to explore what criminal defense options might be available to them.

What are the elements of a robbery homicide?

Taking property that does not belong to you is considered a serious act. This is especially true when the property in question is worth a significant amount of money. However, no matter the worth of the property, when extreme force or a weapon is used during a robbery, this could have tragic results. If a person is killed in the course of a robbery, this could result in a robbery homicide charge, and such a charge could have harsh penalties if a conviction results.

Understanding manslaughter laws in Louisiana

Serious and fatal incidents unfortunately occur. Whether or not one intends for this to occur, a fatal incident could result in a person facing criminal charges for the death of another person. Homicide crimes range in severity and are based on the details of the crime. However, any homicide charge carries with it harsh penalties and consequences that could significantly impact the personal and professional life of the accused.

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