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“Facebook stalker” receives multiple charges; more pending

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2011 | Firm News, Sex Offenses |

A 25-year-old Louisiana man who has come to be known as the “Facebook stalker” was arrested last week on charges of stalking and harassing women, among other offenses. The man is currently being held at Hammond jail on $900,000 bond for two counts of extortion for sex, one count of forcible rape, and one count of cyber-stalking.

Soon after his arrest, Police found out he had a Facebook page where women claiming to be his victims were speaking about their encounters with him.

According to detectives, the man used multiple tactics to stalk women online including posing as a woman on Facebook and explaining to the women that he was a friend of a friend. He also reportedly stalked YouTube users who subscribed to his videos. As a pizza delivery man, he would use contact information from female customers to harass them.

In the course of investigating the man’s residence, detectives found hundreds of pictures of nude women and children on laptops, cell phones, and thumb drives. Detectives believe that the images were used in some cases to extort sex from women the man was stalking. According to Detective Edwin Bergeron, over 50 victims of extortion or cyber-stalking have been found, and there are likely more.

In addition to the already existing charges against the man, there are reportedly four warrants out for his arrest in Jefferson Parish for two counts of cyber-stalking and two counts for harassing phone calls. And the Hammond Police Department still has charges pending, including possession of child pornography, two counts of felony carnal knowledge, five counts of extortion for sex and six cyber-stalking charges.

Since Hammond police have begun the investigation, they have received calls from Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and out-of-state accusing the man of harassment. More charges are likely coming for him.

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