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Criminal Appeals Demystified: Your Path To A Second Chance

A criminal conviction can be devastating, especially if it means a prison sentence and other harsh consequences. However, a conviction and sentence aren’t necessarily the end of the road. The criminal justice system has many checks and balances. Trial and sentencing are just one stage in the process. The appeals and post-conviction process is another phase in the proceedings. It’s your opportunity to address any violations of rights, evidentiary issues and other legal errors that may have occurred during earlier proceedings.

At Damico & Stockstill, Attorneys at Law, our appellate lawyers can help you navigate the complex waters of criminal appeals. With 80 years of combined experience, our criminal defense attorneys combine aggressive defense strategies with strong appellate skills, honed across a wide array of serious cases. We handle appeals in state and federal courts throughout the Baton Rouge area.

Your Path Through The Appeals Process

Understanding the appeals process in Louisiana is crucial for taking the next steps forward. Here are the basic steps in the process:

1. Filing Your Notice Of Appeal

This is your formal declaration that you’re challenging the conviction. It must be filed with the appropriate appellate court. Timing is critical, as the deadline is short. If you miss this window, you could be forever barred from challenging the outcome. We ensure it’s done promptly and correctly.

2. Preparing Your Case For Review

We meticulously compile the trial record, including all evidence and transcripts. This critical step is required by appellate court rules. It’s also critical for pinpointing the strongest grounds for appeal.

3. Crafting Appellate Briefs

Our attorneys construct persuasive written arguments about what the trial court did wrong. These arguments may be based on trial errors, problematic rulings, violations of your constitutional rights, verdicts not supported by the evidence or countless other possibilities.

4. Making Your Voice Heard In Oral Arguments

When the court calls for it, we’re there to articulate your defense and interact directly with the appellate judges. This stage of the appellate proceedings is much different than trials. We understand how to make the most of it.

5. Awaiting The Appellate Decision

The court’s decision could mean upholding (affirming), reversing or vacating the trial court decision. It could also send your case back for a new trial or further proceedings.

6. Pursuing Further Appeals

If necessary, we’re prepared to take your case to the highest levels, including the Louisiana Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Choose The Right Legal Team For This Critical Stage In The Process

Selecting the right team for your appeal can make all the difference. Our skilled attorneys are intimately familiar with the nuanced appellate procedures and the strategies for a strong appeal. We’re committed to providing you with an effective defense throughout the criminal appeals and post-conviction appeals process.

Start Your Appeal With Confidence

The path to justice doesn’t end with a conviction. It’s important to act quickly to secure your right to appeal. At Damico & Stockstill, our doors are open, and our seasoned team is ready to review your case and evaluate your options. With our guidance, appealing a conviction becomes a clear, navigable process.

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