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Our Criminal Defense Lawyers Fight Back Against Unlawful Search And Seizure

Unlawful searches and seizures happen in criminal cases more often than many people realize. If you are facing a criminal charge after a search by local police, state investigators or federal investigators, we encourage you to contact the criminal defense lawyers at Damico & Stockstill immediately. Our team has decades of experience in these matters.

An unlawful search could mean that the evidence against you can be thrown out. However, this does not happen automatically. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side right away to investigate the search and seizure for any violations of your rights.

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Illegal Search And Seizure Can Happen In All Types Of Criminal Cases

From DUI traffic stops to “stop and frisks” and federal search warrants, a violation of your Fourth Amendment rights can happen in any type of criminal case. The Fourth Amendment establishes your right to protection against unreasonable search and seizure, and when police violate that right, the charges against you may be reduced or dismissed.

At Damico & Stockstill, we know how to investigate unlawful search and seizure. We encourage you to contact us today if you are facing any of the following types of charges after a police search:

Even if you are unsure about whether your rights were violated, we encourage you to contact us to learn more. We know how to scrutinize local, state and federal searches for any errors or overreach by investigators.

Understanding The Scope Of Search Warrants

Two important things to understand about search warrants: 1) they must be specific about about what investigators are looking for, and 2) they must be limited in scope. That means the search warrant must list the evidence that investigators hope to obtain, and the search warrant must say where that evidence is expected to be found.

In many cases, people end up facing criminal charges related to evidence that was not listed in the search warrant. In other cases, the investigators may have searched an area of the premises that was not included in the warrant. These situations must be thoroughly investigated by an experienced criminal defense attorney to determine whether investigators violated the defendant’s rights by going beyond the scope of the search warrant.

IMPORTANT: Just because investigators have a warrant does not mean that a suspect will automatically face criminal charges. In some cases, it is possible for our team at Damico & Stockstill to intervene early in a case and prevent charges from even being filed. However, you must act quickly and contact us as soon as possible. We can assess your case and take the appropriate steps for protecting your rights and freedom.

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