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What are robbery charges?

The most basic definition of robbery is a theft accomplished by the use of force. Robbery is considered a violent crime and is taken seriously by the criminal justice system. Robbery charges are serious criminal charges that can carry steep penalties and consequences so accused individuals should understand what robbery charges entail and how to defend against them.

Robbery charges can result in imprisonment and other serious penalties and consequences. As is true of most violent crimes, accused individuals facing criminal charges including robbery charges should be familiar with how to defend themselves against the criminal accusations, allegations and charges they are facing. Defenses may be based on the elements of the alleged crime, the facts of the situation or the conduct of police.

The accused have options against drug trafficking charges

Louisiana drug trafficking charges are serious criminal charges which can result in serious penalties and consequences for accused individuals. Any types of drug charge should especially be taken seriously but drug trafficking charges can result in stiff prison sentences and steep fines so accused individuals should understand what they are being charged with and how they can respond.

What accused individuals can do about a drunk driving charge

Drunk driving charges can be devastating to the daily lives of those who have been accused of driving under the influence and are facing a DUI charge in the Baton Rouge area. It is important to know how to defend against these charges so that the accused individual can help protect their future and minimize the potentially serious penalties and consequences they are facing.

Accused individuals may wind up facing a DUI charge based on a traffic stop that leads to a breath or field sobriety test. A drunk driving charge in Louisiana can impact the accused individual professionally and personally and can mean they live with a criminal record as well as face potential penalties and consequences including jail time, stiff fines and the loss of their driver's license. The impacts of a drunk driving charge can feel like they are quickly spiraling out of control.

What is mail fraud and how you can you defend yourself?

Many people misunderstand the serious nature of white collar crimes. Because these types of crimes lack an element of violence, many people underestimate the steep penalties that can come with a conviction. If you are facing allegations of any type of white collar criminal activity or you are under investigation, you would be wise to act immediately to start developing your defense strategy.

Mail fraud is a type of white collar crime, and it is one of the most common types of financially motivated criminal offenses. This type of crime involves any use of the United States Postal Service to commit certain types of crimes. Because it involves the use of a federal agency, the USPS, this is a federal offense. The stakes are higher, and the penalties are more serious.

What are the elements of first-degree murder?

Being accused of murder involves severe allegations and could result in a defendant enduring harsh penalties for the rest of or a large portion of life. It is important to take these charges seriously by not only understanding the charges, but also the defense options available to the defendants.

What are the elements of first-degree murder? To begin, let's define this crime. It is the unlawful killing of a human being that is both willful and pre-meditated. In other words, a person planned to commit the murder of another person. This crime also occurs if any death occurs in the commission of certain violent felonies. This includes arson, burglary, kidnapping, rape and robbery.

Asserting a defense against murder charges

There are very few things that are more serious than being accused of murder. These allegations alone have enough power to tarnish a person's reputation permanently. No matter the situation or criminal past of the accused, it is vital to take these accusations seriously by asserting a timely and aggressive defense.

Being accused of murder is a shocking and overwhelming experience. The accused may not know how to react or what to say. It is clear that a suspect does not want to make matters worse by making the wrong move. This is where a criminal defense strategy is key. At our law firm, we know how valuable a strong criminal defense can be. We are dedicated to guiding criminal defendants in the Baton Rouge area to assert the defense they are legally entitled to.

College admissions fraud still under investigation

As the school year comes to an end, your thoughts may be turning to preparing your child for college. Whether a university has already accepted your child or you are spending the summer helping with applications and essays, you may have high hopes for your teenager. This includes getting him or her into a quality college that will provide impressive credentials for your child's future.

Unfortunately, the path that some parents take to obtain admission into college for their children includes illegal methods. While you may not be part of the widely publicized scandal that recently rocked the admissions departments in several prestigious institutions, more officials are looking into colleges across the country, and your contribution to your child's admission may come under scrutiny.

Penalties associated with copyright infringement

Inspiration can come from the work of others. Individuals in Baton Rouge and other cities across the nation may use the works of others to help guide them. Whether it is at the workplace, at home or at school, doing this is almost natural and a rather innocent act. However, when a person takes the work of another and reproduces it, this could present major issues. In fact, when the work of another is copyrighted and it is reproduced, this is considered copyright infringement.

Over the past few years, the penalties associated with copyright infringement have increased substantially. Additionally, Congress has broadened the scope of behaviors that fall under this white collar crime, causing many more to face these criminal allegations. For first time offenders who make unauthorized reproductions and distribute at least 10 copies or one copy with the retail value of more than $2,500, the penalties are up to five years of imprisonment and fines up to $250,000.

Louisiana correctional officer arrested for various drug crimes

Criminal charges can stem from a wide array of situations. For example, an unsuspecting employee could be subject to a search. Whether the search was random or based on suspicions, this search could result in the discovery of something, such as drugs, that could result in criminal charges. When an individual is accused of drug crimes, it is important to fully understand the situation and what processes were followed to result in these charges. This information could help the accused with his or her defense.

Based on recent reports, an Angola employee was arrested for drug charges following a search of her vehicle that uncovered various illegal drugs inside of it. This search occurred during a shakedown at the 5pm shift change at the prison. During that, this female correctional officer's vehicle was searched. This search resulted in her arrest.

You take tests in college, but police give tests sometimes, too

As a Louisiana college student, you're likely quite accustomed to taking tests. If you have a high-class rank, you might even be on the dean's list for academic achievement. Then again, if you consider yourself academically challenged, you are definitely not alone in your struggle. The thought of taking a test might cause your blood pressure to soar, a cold sweat to break out and a full-out anxiety attack to occur.

There's not much you can do to get out of taking tests in college. That's why it's a good idea to build a strong support system (perhaps with people who are great at taking tests) and to simply do the best you can to reach your full potential and accomplish your ultimate goal of earning a degree in your chosen field of study. There are other types of tests you might take, however, if a police officer pulls you over in a traffic stop.

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