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Hit and run results in drug charges among others

A traffic violation in Louisiana and other states could transpire into more charges. Facing criminal allegations is a difficult predicament to be in. This is especially true when an individual is being accused of various charges. While it may have started out with a traffic stop, if law enforcement recovers certain evidence, a motorist could also face drug charges as well.

This is what occurred recently in Livingston Parish. According to reports, the Louisiana State Police arrested a 26-year-old male. This arrest was in connection to an automobile wreck that occurred on I-12 back in November. Based on investigation, the driver of the vehicle fled the scene shortly after the collision.

Penalties for vehicular homicide in Louisiana

Each year, Louisiana and other states across the nation see their fair share of drunk driving accidents. These are often tragic events, resulting in motorists facing serious consequences for getting behind the wheel intoxicated.

Despite the fact that the dangers are apparent, motorists still decide to drive after consuming alcohol. Because it is such a serious situation, law enforcement is constantly seeking to get these drivers off the road. While these efforts do help reduce drunk driving, they can also cause some motorists to face a DUI and other charges improperly.

DWI charges can halt your college career in its tracks

When you stepped on a Louisiana college campus as an enrolled student, you likely brought several suitcases, storage bins and random package containers filled with anything and everything you could think of that you might need during your first semester. In addition to physical items, you may have also started the school year with a list of goals that you hoped to achieve during your college career. It typically takes several years to accomplish such goals.

Many issues can arise in the meantime that can throw you off course. You might suffer illness, such as the flu, that impairs your ability to keep up with your assignments or study for a test, which may, in turn, have negative consequences. A big part of your college life may also include the local social scene. If you run into trouble there, such as a traffic stop or DWI arrest, it can not only have immediate repercussions, it can lead to expulsion from school, as well as serious legal problems.

Authorities locate 138 pounds of marijuana during search

There are various reasons to have a search warrant executed on a person or a place. When law enforcement in Louisiana and elsewhere suspect that a person has committed a crime, officers can take steps to uncover evidence to prove these suspicions. However, these need to be properly obtained and executed when trying to charge one with crimes such as drug crimes.

According to recent reports, the narcotics unit in Quachita Parish executed a search warrant on the residence of a man in Monroe. As authorities were executing the warrant, the suspect fled his residence located on Foster Street.

What constitutes second-degree murder in Louisiana?

While it is likely an overwhelming time emotionally, those accused of murder or other Louisiana homicide crimes should take the time to protect their name and assert their rights in the matter. Doing so could help the accused clear their name and avoid harsh penalties. In this respect, it may be helpful to understand the difference between first and second-degree murder.

What constitutes second-degree murder in Louisiana? Section 30.1 of Louisiana State Statutes defines second-degree murder as the killing of another person with the "specific intent" to either inflict bodily harm or actually kill. This crime also occurs when an offender is engaged in or attempting to commit certain crimes, such as first or second degree forcible rape, aggravated arson, aggravated burglary, armed robbery and other similar crimes even if the accused had no intent to kill or to inflict bodily harm.

Hazing now carries more severe penalties

In recent years, the problem of hazing has come to the attention of the public as the media covered a series of deaths related to initiation rituals on college campuses, including Louisiana State University. Hazing occurs when members of a team or organization subject new members to humiliating rituals, often involving the consumption of dangerous amounts of alcohol.

If you have participated in or witnessed hazing, you may have thought it was all in good fun. In fact, if you went through it yourself as a freshman, you probably feel it is a necessary part of the bonding experience for your fraternity, club or team. However, the recent tragedies have shown that things quickly get out of hand, especially when alcohol is involved, and you should be aware of recent changes in state laws related to hazing.

Baton Rouge man charged with attempted murder

Verbal altercations can quickly escalate. When they do they sometimes turn physical in nature. When injuries result from these scuffles, criminal charges can end up being filed against one or more parties involved. Those who are unable to adequately protect themselves from these charges may wind up facing serious penalties, including prison time and financially ruinous fines. This is why those accused of violent crimes need to protect themselves as fully and aggressively as possible.One Baton Rouge man is in this position now after being taken into custody on various criminal charges, including attempted first-degree murder. According to reports, the man got into a fight with another individual outside of a local business. Law-enforcement officials claim that the man physically struck another individual, knocking him to the ground. Reports indicate that the accused individual then went to his car, came back with a gun, and opened fire on the group with which he was tussling. Nobody was injured by those bullets, but they did enter the local business and, according to police, put lives at risk.The accused individual was arrested on multiple charges including attempted first-degree murder, battery, and carrying a firearm. If convicted of these offenses, this individual could face a significant amount of prison time. Prosecutors will likely try to point to the fact that he fled the scene as evidence of his guilt. However, especially given the hostile environment between police officers and civilians, this should have no bearing on his guilt or innocence. But, it may take a strong criminal defense to help redirect jurors' attention away from this fact and toward facts that are favorable to a finding of not guilty.Of course, before this case even gets to trial there will likely be plea bargaining. Plea negotiations are not right for every case, but when the stakes are high it is worth seeing how far are the prosecution will back off of its initial charges. In order to do so, though, an accused individual needs to be prepared with a strong criminal defense strategy. This is where the help of an aggressive and competent attorney can be helpful.

Understanding tax evasion and penalties that could result

Individuals and companies in Louisiana and elsewhere have financial responsibilities. This goes beyond just paying monthly bills. When a person works, he or she must report their income. For companies, profits must be reported. Then, come tax time, individuals and companies must pay taxes if it is determined that they owe. Failing to complete this task could result in repercussions.

An individual could face tax evasion charges if he or she is accused of purposefully underpaying their taxes. This could also occur if one allegedly failed to file his or her tax return, a company overstates its expenses or a family overstated the size of their household. If the IRS suspects any of these activities, an investigation could occur.

What are the penalties for drug trafficking?

Being found in possession of an unlawful controlled substance could result in serious drug charges. However, if law enforcement suspects that a person's possession of a drug is not for personal use, he or she may face additional or more severe charges. In matters where authorities believe the accused is involved in drug trafficking, he or she could face drug crimes that carry harsh penalties.

What are the penalties for drug trafficking? To begin, a drug trafficking charge is a felony and is considered to be more serious than drug possession. If there is evidence that a person in possession of a drug intends to sell the drugs in question, he or she could face drug trafficking charges.

Things to know before you walk the line

Nothing can ruin a night out with your Louisiana college friends quite like seeing a patrol officer's squad car lights flashing in your rear-view mirror. While there's always a chance that the reason an officer is making a traffic stop against you will turn out to be a minor issue that ends with a warning and freedom to go on your way, it is also possible that the events that unfold will lead to serious legal problems, especially if the police officer thinks you've been drinking.

You can usually tell that a traffic cop suspects you of drunk driving if he or she asks you to step out of your car. If he or she follows the instruction with a request to take a field sobriety test, you may be in for a long night. You may be able to mitigate your circumstances, however, if you know your rights ahead of time, as well as how to protect them.

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