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Jury says doctor involuntarily killed Michael Jackson, P.1

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2011 | Firm News, Murder & Other Homicide Crimes |

Fans and supporters of deceased and world renowned pop singer Michael Jackson rejoiced as one of the performer’s medical caregivers was found guilty of involvement of Jackson’s death.

A jury did not take much time in determining the 58-year-old guilty of involuntary manslaughter, deliberating for under nine hours. The doctor now faces up to four years in prison and could possibly have his medical license revoked.

The trial leading up to the verdict took six weeks to play out where details emerged about the singer’s death. Suffering from an extreme case of insomnia, Jackson’s doctor would administer drugs to help getting him to go to sleep.

An anesthetic called propofol, which was ultimately the cause for his death, was one of the drugs often referred to during the case. The doctor admitted to administering this and other drugs to help Jackson fall asleep. On the day that Jackson died, his doctor said he gave Jackson only a small dose of the drug when the singer was struggling to fall asleep.

Lawyers for the doctor argued that Jackson, who had a competent knowledge of the drugs, gave himself a fatal dose of propofol when the doctor was not looking. Prosecutors dismissed those claims.

After the ensuing medical examination of Jackson’s lifeless body, the coroner ruled the case a homicide, pinning the blame on whoever was caring for Jackson at the time.

Further testimony explained that Jackson sought out the doctor, looking for someone who would be willing to administer anesthetic to help him sleep. The doctor was originally practicing in Houston and Las Vegas before he left to work with Jackson. Other doctors turned down the offer to work for Jackson.

The prosecution also argued that when the doctor discovered Jackson was dead, he panicked and tried to hide evidence.

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