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Louisiana State Police arrest three with marijuana, cocaine

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2011 | Drug Charges, Firm News |

The Louisiana State Police Troopers are out to get people suspected of drug trafficking and three people in West Baton Rouge Parish are now sitting in jail after troopers pulled them over on a traffic stop. The two separate traffic stops happened earlier this month, possibly indicating a series of upcoming drug busts.

Being charged with a drug crime can easily turn serious. Having, making or selling drugs is severely punished in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and across the United States. If prosecutors accuse a suspect of being involved in the distribution of cocaine or other drugs, he or she could be facing serious prison time if convicted. It is essential that anyone charged with a drug crime immediately seek the help of an attorney in order to protect his or her rights.

What ties these two stories together is that both sets of people arrested were initially pulled over for a traffic violation, but then police requested a search of the vehicle. It is unclear what made police suspect that there was some sort of drug activity going on and prompted the searches. The first traffic stop happened on Interstate 10 because the driver was allegedly not wearing his seat belt and violated another traffic violation. The second driver was stopped for driving left of center.

What started as a normal traffic stop, however, quickly turned into a much more serious investigation. The troopers that pulled over the first driver asked and received permission to search the car. When the driver demanded the troopers stop, however, they brought in a K-9 unit to finish the search. In the second stop, the driver and passenger were both charged with drug crimes after police asked to search the car.

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