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Baton Rouge rapper “Lil Boosie” on trial for first degree murder

On Behalf of | May 10, 2012 | Firm News, Murder & Other Homicide Crimes |

Our Baton Rouge readers may have been following the ongoing murder trial against Torence Hatch, also known as “Lil Boosie.” Hatch is currently on trial on charges of first degree murder connected to the death of Terry Boyd, who was shot to death in his home in the fall of 2009. Hatch is specifically accused of paying a hitman to kill Boyd.

Interestingly, prosecutors have introduced evidence in court suggesting that a song recorded by the rap artist provides evidence of his intent to kill Boyd. Prosecutors even had a computer forensics expert testify that the supposed time the song was recorded corroborates with the lyrics that Hatch had plotted Boyd’s death.

Prosecutors argue that Hatch’s motive to kill Boyd was that Hatch learned in a letter from an inmate that Boyd, who had recently been released from prison, planned to harm him.

But Hatch’s attorneys say there was no disagreement between Body and Hatch, and that the lyrics of the song were recorded long before Boyd was killed, and that the recording played for the court constituted “resampled” lyrics.

The man who allegedly shot Boyd-who was 17 years old at the time-initially told police that Hatch paid him to do so, but he now testifies that neither of them had anything to do with the crime. Prosecutors have attempted to use conversations between him and a cousin of Hatch, who testified in court to his belief in their innocence.

Prosecutors in the case are not seeking the death penalty, which means Hatch would be sentenced to life in prison if he is convicted for first degree murder.

Another Baton Rouge man has been charged in the case as well.

In cases like this, it is absolutely critical to have a defense attorney who will scrutinize every aspect of the prosecution’s case. Prosecutors operate on their own set of tools and techniques with the goal of securing “justice,” but it is the task of a defense attorney to find the holes in their case and present the best possible defense for those accused of such serious crimes.

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