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Anti-drug organization talks maybe forgiving athletes’ use

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2012 | Drug Charges, Firm News |

Drug charges are a serious accusation to have made against an individual. Someone who has had such a claim brought against them will not only have to deal with the proceeding legal steps, but their reputation and character may be tarnished as a result as well. Louisiana residents may be interested to hear the international establishment World Anti-Doping Agency has come out recently saying that there may be something to be said for the idea of athletes involved in drug use being forgiven. Those professional athletes who are in the public eye may be able to come back from the drug allegations, if they are open about their personal experiences.

The effort on WADA’s part is reportedly attempting to promote less cheating in professional sports by way of drug use, in hopes that if people are honest about it, they could be pardoned. It is just an idea at present, however, it has gained some audience, especially after the recent news regarding Lance Armstrong’s drug charges case. WADA’s president John Fahey explains the appeal of such a reprieve, asking for a discussion about how it may be able to let some athletes battling drug addictions have a fresh start and be open about their treatment.

It is unknown how this would be received widely, were it to come to fruition, but those who are dealing with their own charges of drug abuse and influence know how difficult it can be to continue living as normally as before. Such allegations could prevent a person from being able to get a well-paying job and could affect their family financially, as well.

Understanding the laws in Louisiana surrounding drug offenses could be a good place to start for someone who is accused of those charges. Working with an experienced attorney could help as an individual prepares for defense and could work toward a lesser or more appropriate sentence if the suspect is convicted.

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