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Four Baton Rouge residents charged with Medicare fraud

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2012 | Firm News, White Collar Crimes |

Four Baton Rouge residents charged with Medicare fraud

On Thursday, four individuals were indicted on charges of Medicare fraud in Baton Rouge for allegedly participating in criminal conspiracies resulting in fraudulent claims. In total, federal officials say $2.4 million is involved. Along with the Baton Rouge defendants, 87 others were charged in Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, and Brooklyn for allegedly filing false claims totaling up to $426.8 million.

All individuals were charged as part of Department of Justice and Health and Human Services joint task force seeking to crack down on those stealing from Medicare.

In one of the Baton Rouge cases, two individuals were accused of using Golden Medical Equipment & Supply Inc. to file $807,000 in false Medicare claims for tube-feeding supplies and equipment. One of the individuals in that indictment faces one count of conspiracy to commit health care fraud and nine charges of health care fraud, while the other is accused of conspiracy to commit health care fraud and five counts of health care fraud.

The other indictment accuses to others of using Trust Medical Supply Co. and Trust Medical Supply LLC to file false claims for Medicare reimbursement on sales of power wheelchairs and tube-feeding nutrients, supplies and equipment.

The indictments do not specify how much money was actually paid out by Medicare. There is no doubt, though, that these cases will be aggressively pursued by federal prosecutors.

Those charged with health care fraud do well to consult an experienced attorney early on in the criminal process. Putting together a solid defense early on can help increase one’s chances of achieving the best possible outcome.

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