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Cops accuse 22-year-olds of trying to have sex with juveniles

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2012 | Firm News, Sex Offenses |

Regardless of what the so-called “court of public opinion” assumes from the outset about sex-crime allegations, prosecutors need evidence to convict anyone of a sex crime. Evidence must also be obtained in the proper manner as well as prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a defendant is guilty. Failing those criteria, a prosecutor cannot secure a conviction.

These issues will almost certainly be brought up in a case involving two men from the Baton Rouge area. The 22-year-olds are accused of trying to engage in inappropriate sexual contact with two underage girls. A news report does not indicate exactly how old the girls are. Technically speaking, however, anyone under the age of 18 is considered underage.

One of the men is from Plaquemine, and the other is from Gross Tete. Police claim they drove to the Arcola area “with intentions of engaging in sexual activity.” Exactly how authorities determined these intentions was not reported.

Someone called police and claimed to have witnessed two men enter the home where the girls were staying. The girls were apparently home alone, and somehow the caller was aware of this. The caller also claimed that the young men parked their vehicle away from the residence, but exactly what “away” means in this case also remains to be seen.

Police went to the residence in the early-morning hours, and someone on the porch told the investigators that the young men were inside. The investigators went into the residence and claim to have seen the suspects hurriedly leaving the back bedrooms with their pants partially down.

According to police in Tangipahoa Parish, further investigation revealed that the young men and the girls had met in an online chat room. Police claim it was there that they all agreed to meet when one of the girl’s parents weren’t home.

If the men in this case are convicted, their names will be listed on the sex offender registry, and they may face jail time. Their future job opportunities and living arrangements could also be affected. These young men, like anyone else who is accused of a sex crime, will need an aggressive criminal defense.

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