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Louisiana man arrested on marijuana charges

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2012 | Drug Charges, Firm News |

Recently, a drug crimes case has arisen in Louisiana. The case involves a 50-year-old man from Mooringsport.

Reportedly, on Tuesday, the man was driving a motor vehicle along Highway 169 in Caddo Parish. Police then pulled the man over in connection to an alleged traffic violation.

According to authorities, police then asked the 50-year-old man for permission to search his vehicle and were granted said permission.

Police used a K-9 unit during the subsequent vehicle search. According to authorities, during the search, the police dog “alerted” to drugs and police found marijuana hidden in the vehicle’s engine compartment. Allegedly, in total, there were about five pounds of marijuana in the engine compartment.

According to authorities, marijuana was also later found at the man’s residence.

After the traffic stop, police placed the man under arrest. According to the article on KSLA’s website which reported this story, the man faces multiple criminal charges, including charges of drug possession and drug possession with the intent to distribute.

This case illustrates a couple of points that are worth noting. The first is that authorities will sometimes use vehicle searches and K-9 units in their drug crime enforcement efforts. This underscores how there are a variety of different tools and methods police use in their enforcement efforts against drug crimes.

The second is that a person can face serious criminal charges if he or she is accused of drug crimes. Thus, being accused of drug crimes can be a very serious allegation for an individual to face.

Source: KSLA, “Traffic stop ends in arrest for drug possession,” Carolyn Roy, Dec. 5, 2012

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