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New York woman extradited to Baton Rouge on charges related to 1984 slaying

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2012 | Firm News, Murder & Other Homicide Crimes |

A New York woman accused of killing Crowley businessman Gary Kergan back in 1984 reportedly arrived in Baton Rouge last Thursday after being extradited. The 47-year-old Astoria woman was arrested in New York earlier this month.

The woman was reportedly booked in East Baton Rouge Parish Prison with criminal conspiracy, simple robbery and second-degree murder. Baton Rouge Police Corporal L’Jean McKneely said last Friday that the murder count will soon be changed to first-degree murder.

Another man thought to be involved in the incident was also arrested earlier this month and booked on four counts of first-degree murder, simple robbery and criminal conspiracy in the case. He and the Astoria woman are accused of conspiring to rob and kill Kergan back in November of 1984, when Kergan was last seen alive at the woman’s north Baton Rouge home.

The case is being pursued after the State Police Crime Lab recently retested blood found in Kergan’s car, which had been discovered abandoned near Metairie. The test reportedly confirmed the blood belonged to Kergan. Such evidence, of course, seems convincing at first blush, but it isn’t possible to tell what really happened until all the evidence is presented, and the defendant’s perspective offered.

It isn’t clear whether the woman has retained an attorney yet, or what her defense strategy will be. With such charges on her plate, it will be imperative for her to build a solid defense and do everything possible to protect her rights.

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