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Baton Rouge men targeted for federal bank fraud

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2013 | Firm News, White Collar Crimes |

Two businessmen from Baton Rouge have become the subject of scrutiny from federal investigators. Law enforcement officials say that the two business partners obtained multiple loans through fraudulent means. As a result of the investigation, the two men have been indicted and arrested on charges for bank fraud.

According to reports from federal officials, the two men were involved in a scheme to obtain loans to start a workout facility in Baton Rouge. However, the men have been accused of inflating their personal assets and failing to follow through on the plan to build the gym. The scheme also included enrolling members who were never able to use the fitness center.

The indictment proceedings were only the beginning of the trial for the two men. Being indicted doesn’t mean that an individual has been found guilty; rather, it is a formal court procedure to certify the fraud charges being filed. As such, the two men still have a chance to present their case with the help of defense attorneys.

It is the prosecutor’s burden to prove that the men committed the acts they’ve been accused of. Failing to provide adequate proof will likely result in the charges being reduced or dropped altogether.

In this type of case, one thing to consider is that news reports are often based on information provided by law enforcement officials. As a result, stories about criminal cases can seem very one sided. Despite the tone of reports, the accused men will have the opportunity to challenge the prosecution’s evidence and present their case in court.

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