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Man accused of serial sexual assault arrested by police

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2013 | Firm News, Sex Offenses |

When someone is charged with sex offenses, he or she could face jail time or fines, and there could also be backlash from his or her job, family and the community. It is important to realize that charging someone with a crime does not mean they are guilty, though, and the defendant is entitled to the same rights as any other person facing criminal charges.

According to a report from Sept. 11, a man who is a suspect for serial sexual assault was arrested by police in the East Baton Rouge Parish in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, after they received information about his presence in the area. Police stated that the man has no known ties to the area, and they believe this was as far as he could go on the money he had. According to their reports, the man was not armed when he was found at the Alamo Motel on Florida Boulevard.

Police reported that they had a tip from Dallas police that the man was headed to Baton Rouge on a Greyhound bus. They saturated the nearby Greyhound bus station where they were able to get a lead as to the man’s location. The man is presently accused of sexual assault in Dallas, so the Baton Rouge police reportedly searched for local reports of rapes. They had found none any at the time of his arrest.

Being charged with a sexual assault crime or other sexual offenses can be life changing for a defendant. No matter what the charges may be, the defendant is still entitled to a fair and balanced trial, as well as the right to an appeal if there is an unfavorable verdict.

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