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Baton Rouge police arrest gang members on drug, weapons charges

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2014 | Drug Charges, Firm News |

In Baton Rouge, drug crimes may be facing a crackdown from law enforcement, but those who aren’t involved shouldn’t be forced to pay the penalties. If you’re charged with a crime for being in an area with drugs or for being associated with someone who does drugs, you should have your case heard without bias. In the latest news out of the area, a Feb. 9 report states that West Baton Rouge and Iberville were part of a major drug sweep. The parish, state, and city SWAT teams worked together to complete the raids, according to the news, and drug offenses were allegedly discovered.

The “Big Money Block Boyz” gang, according to the story, is a group that is well known in the area for drugs and weapon use; according to police, the people who were arrested in these raids possessed marijuana and guns, and may have been booked on other drug or gun counts.

These raids involved six homes, according to the news, and they led to seven arrests and a seizure of guns and drugs. After months of investigations leading up to the raids, it started out that the people affiliated with the Block Boyz were targeted and offered counseling and other help during the Baton Rouge Violence Elimination Project.

Now, police had held up their end of the deal and told remaining members and those targeted that any signs of trouble would lead to arrests. In this case, seven people found themselves arrested, and police believe they are either part of the gang or associated with the gang in some way.

This was reportedly the second time the “Big Money Block Boyz” were targeted. In July, a different raid allegedly led to nine arrests. The raids on Feb. 7 led to the seizure of around eight pounds of marijuana, about $1,600 in cash, 11 ounces of cocaine and other items including ammunition, guns and a bullet-proof vest.

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