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Man claims fatal East Baton Rouge shooting was accidental

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2014 | Firm News, Murder & Other Homicide Crimes |

Spouses and significant others are often the first ones looked at by law enforcement when a death occurs, especially if there are no third-party witnesses to the event. Pressure by law enforcement can be brutal and often results in changed stories and false confessions. Murder charges can have life-altering consequences, making it critically important that anyone accused of such a crime has legal representation who is focused on fighting for his or her rights.

A 30-year-old East Baton Rouge woman was shot in the early morning hours of March 24, 2014, while her young son was also in the house. Her 32-year-old boyfriend called for emergency medical assistance, and she was transported to the hospital. The woman later died from injuries sustained from a gunshot to the head.

The boyfriend told police that she had been playing with the gun and believes it went off accidentally, inflicting the wound that ultimately killed her. During an investigation, police discovered the gun and some drugs in the garbage can. They also learned that the boyfriend had been abusive both physically and mentally to the young woman. While admitting that he was afraid and had tossed the gun and the guns in the trash, the boyfriend maintained his version of the night’s events.

After being brought in a third time for questioning by the East Baton Rouge sheriff’s deputies, the boyfriend admitted that he had shot her but maintained his claim that the shooting was accidental. Law enforcement officials believed otherwise and charged the suspect with murder in the second degree, obstruction of justice, possession of marijuana and carrying a firearm illegally.

The most obvious suspect isn’t necessarily the guilty party, although law enforcement often focuses their entire investigation on that one person. Whether the suspect is guilty or not, he deserves adequate legal representation to be sure that he is not falsely accused.

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