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Sharper faces two rape charges from Louisiana

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2014 | Firm News, Sex Offenses |

Readers in New Orleans might have heard about this revelation in a rape case involving two woman in New Orleans and the former NFL safety Darren Sharper. Sex offenses are taken seriously in Baton Rouge, both for those accused of it and those who are suffering because of it. In this case from March 7, it’s been revealed that Darren Sharper has told witnesses that the sex he had with two women in New Orleans in September 2013 was not consensual.

According to the story, the man has been jailed in Los Angeles. He is believed to have surrendered to police after they issued a warrant for his arrest in relation to the allegations of rape in New Orleans. Sharper isn’t alone in the allegations, however. Records show that an acquaintance of Sharper’s is also facing two charges of rape related to the incident. Both men have been booked at this point.

It’s important that cases like this one are fully investigated to make sure claims are truthful. In this instance, the victims insist that they did not recall the entirety of their sexual intercourse with the men. They claim they were under the influence of an unknown substance when they woke up with Sharper on top of them and completely nude.

The two men had allegedly admitted to sleeping with the women without their permission or knowledge, according to the report. Sharper is also facing seven felonies in Los Angeles at the moment. These are allegedly related to cases in which he’s been accused of raping and drugging women he met at nightclubs. At this time, he’s pleaded not guilty to those crimes. He has been working with police, according to the news, supplying them with DNA samples and working to fulfill any requests they have of him.

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