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Medical fraud and your rights: Defend yourself in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2015 | Firm News, White Collar Crimes |

Being accused of fraud can change your life, even if you aren’t convicted. You could face the allegations and accusations you fear from colleagues or your employer; you may have your reputation tarnished and rumors spread about your behavior. When you’re not to blame for health care fraud at the medical office or simply made an accounting error, you deserve to have your side of the story heard and to prevent the damage these accusations could cause you in the long run.

It’s difficult to keep up with changes in health care. You, as a medical provider, have to study new disorders and treatments, and you need to work with your patients to give them the time and care they need. On top of that, you have to understand how to use the billing arrangements and plans offered through the government; these plans can be difficult to bill correctly in some cases, and that can lead to accusations where nothing wrong has taken place.

Mistakes can easily be pushed as being fraud, even when you didn’t intend for them to appear that way. The system for reimbursement is already difficult for you to work with, so it can be devastating to have accusations against you when you were just trying to do your job.

White collar crime charges risk your good name as a health care provider in Louisiana. Don’t let yourself be accused of a crime you didn’t commit; with the right support, you can defend yourself and protect your good name. You have patients to attend to, so letting someone help you through this troubling time may be a good option for you. Visit our comprehensive website to learn more about what steps to take next.