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Deputy shot after alleged argument

On Behalf of | May 1, 2015 | Firm News, Murder & Other Homicide Crimes |

A deputy suffered several gunshot wounds in what officials are calling an “ambush” after an argument with a driver in Paradis, Louisiana. The deputy was directing traffic in a school zone when a 58-year-old Mississippi man allegedly began to argue with him over the deputy’s refusal to stop other vehicles to allow the driver to make a turn.

The driver apparently left the area after the confrontation but then returned a short time later and summoned the law enforcement officer over to his vehicle. At that point, the deputy noticed that the driver had a gun on the dashboard of his car and drew his own weapon while commanding the driver to show his hands. At that point, the driver allegedly held the gun out the window with his left hand and began firing a second gun with his right.

The deputy was hit in the eye, the chest and the elbow. Multiple shots also went through the windshield of the driver’s vehicle although there are no reports of anyone else being hit by the bullets. The officer returned fire although the driver was apparently not injured, and called for backup. Arriving officers took the man into custody while the deputy was transported to the hospital. He is said to be in stable condition. The driver may face charges of attempted murder of an officer.

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