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Woman accused of DUI after fatal accident

On Behalf of | May 21, 2015 | Drunk Driving, Firm News |

If you are accused of a DUI or DWI offense, it is imperative that you take action in your defense as quickly as possible. If you do not act quickly, you could have your driving privileges revoked in just over two weeks’ time. Of course, if you are convicted of a drunk driving charge, suspension of your driving privileges could be the least of your worries. The simple addition of drunk driving charges can turn any crime into a serious legal issue that could affect your whole life.

An accident occurred recently in Mississippi when two cars collided with one another in the early afternoon. One of the cars was carrying three occupants, two of whom died at the scene and one of whom died later at a nearby hospital. The other car was driven by a woman who was released from a hospital after being treated. She was booked with a DUI.

Even though this accident occurred in Mississippi, it was not that far from Louisiana, and such an accident could easily occur in our state. Obviously being involved in an accident that takes the lives of three people is not an ideal situation, but being accused of drunk driving immediately makes the potential legal consequences that much worse. What individuals accused of drunk driving may not realize is that they have options to avoid a conviction.

If you are accused of drunk driving, meeting with an attorney can help you explore legal defenses that may get your charges dismissed or your penalties reduced. Even if you were at fault in a motor vehicle accident, that does not necessarily mean that you were drunk. We understand that, which is why we help those accused of drunk driving charges and ensure that all of the tests to determine sobriety were administered correctly and that the charges are legitimate.

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