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Take action in your defense when accused of sex crimes

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2015 | Firm News, Sex Offenses |

If you are ever accused of a crime of any kind, it is important to take quick and decisive legal action in your own defense. However, it is perhaps even more important to take such action when it comes to sex crimes. This is partially because sex crimes have a serious social stigma attached to them in which many people believe that the accused is guilty even before the case is determined. It is also partially because of the nature of most sex crimes.

In a case of rape or sexual assault, there is a large element of one party’s word against the others. Obviously there are forensic possibilities and other such types of evidence, but it is not always possible to collect such evidence. Imagine a drug charge: if police search your home and find marijuana, you may have a difficult (though not impossible) time proving your innocence. But with sex crimes, there are almost no instances in which police will walk in on the crime as it happens.

By their nature, sex crimes can be difficult to prove, but in the same way, they can also be difficult to discredit. Depending on the circumstances of the incident or the way in which any relations between you and your accuser occurred, you may be facing a situation that destroys your reputation even if you are proven innocent. This is why you cannot waste any time when it comes to taking action in your defense.

As soon as you know that you are suspected of a sex crime, it is imperative that you meet with an attorney. Louisiana law takes sex crimes very seriously, and police will likely conduct a thorough investigation into any allegations. The faster you can meet with an attorney, the faster you can take advantage of the legal expertise necessary to build a solid case for your defense.