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Man sentenced in drunk driving case

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2015 | Drunk Driving, Firm News |

If you are accused of a crime, no matter how minor you think the crime may be, it is in your best interests to speak with an attorney. An attorney can offer you valuable insight into the crime of which you are accused and help you take legal action in your defense. The right defense can help you have your charges reduced, or your sentence made less severe or even secure an acquittal.

Recently in Louisiana, a man was arrested for drunk driving in connection with a fatal accident. According to reports, the man was driving with a suspended license when he struck and killed a bicyclist, and then collided with another car. Authorities claim that the driver’s BAC was higher than 0.08 percent, which is the legal limit in many states, including Louisiana. The man pleaded guilty, and now faces three years in prison after two years were suspended from a five-year sentence.

There are many legal defenses against drunk driving that an accused individual can employ, such as pointing out that an officer did not have probable cause to pull him or her over in the first place, or that field sobriety tests were not conducted appropriately. Legal assistance can help you build stronger claims to prove your innocence using this method, but legal assistance can also help you reduce your sentence.

As mentioned, this man was facing a five-year prison sentence, but he will only be expected to serve three years of it. This is another benefit of enlisting legal counsel. If you are facing drunk driving charges or any other criminal charges in Louisiana, consider meeting with an attorney to help you build the strongest case possible in your defense.

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