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If you are facing charges of murder or homicide, you are probably well aware of how serious the consequences of a conviction would be. What you may not know is that these consequences can be made even more severe by additional, aggravating factors that may have affected the way in which the alleged crime was acted out. Defending yourself against these additional factors can be just as important, or even perhaps more important, than defending yourself against the homicide charges themselves.

Obviously if you are accused of murder or homicide, you will want to take legal action in your defense to prove your innocence. However, the frightening reality is that in some instances the evidence against you is simply too strong, and you may not be able to prove that you were innocent of the crime. Still, it is important to know that there are many other factors that can affect the legal consequences of a crime, and even if you cannot defend yourself against the homicide charges, you may be able to defend against these other factors.

One example would be having your charges reduced from homicide to manslaughter. Even if you cannot prove that you were not responsible for an individual’s death, you may be able to prove that the death was an accident, which could see the penalties of your conviction severely reduced. The same can be said for aggravating factors to a crime.

If you are accused of additional criminal activity, such as raping a victim before killing him or her, then the legal penalties for a conviction will be proportionately larger. However, if you can prove that you did not rape the victim, even if you cannot prove that you didn’t kill the victim, then the consequences you face will be significantly reduced. This is why it is important to consult legal assistance that can help you understand how to reduce charges or approach cases from a different perspective. If you have been accused of a homicide in Louisiana, visit our webpage to learn how our team can assist you with your accusations.