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Anyone can face unexpected charges of fraud. When money suddenly goes missing, especially from large groups or corporations, people want to know what happened to it, and they will often stop at nothing to recover it. Unfortunately, this sometimes means recovering money from someone who had nothing to do with its absence. The sad reality is that in many instances, the groups or corporations care less about who actually took their money and more about getting the money back.

Of course, the damages of being convicted of a white collar crime such as fraud are more serious than just monetary payouts for those who are convicted. The damage to reputation is perhaps even more significant, especially for public officials. In the world of politics and public representation, reputation and public image are everything. Being convicted of fraud can crush people’s faith in you, making it difficult or even impossible for you to ever be elected again.

That is why it is so important for individuals who are facing fraud charges to enlist the aid of an attorney in order to defend themselves against the charges. The legal penalties you may face in the event of a conviction are severe, including heavy fines and possibly even jail time. Those alone would be cause for serious concern, but the additional risk of damage to reputation make it absolutely imperative to take your legal defense as seriously as possible.

Whether you are a public official, a corporate executive or even an employee accused of stealing money, visit our webpage to learn how we can help you defend yourself. Our extensive history of defending people from white collar crime in Louisiana could be put to use for your case, allowing you to defend yourself from criminal charges that could ruin your future.