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Legal defense is extremely important for sex crimes

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2015 | Firm News, Sex Offenses |

There are many different criminal acts that are punishable offenses under United States law, including things like possession of drugs, fraud and more. Certain crimes, those in which the victim is always an individual or number of individuals, fall under the umbrella of crimes against a person. These crimes include acts such as murder, theft and assault. While each of these crimes comes with its own legal consequences, there is one type of crime against a person that is perhaps the most socially destructive: sex crimes

The reason that sex crimes can be so socially destructive is because of people’s perceptions and the damage that can be done to a reputation. For every crime in Louisiana, and all across the United States for that matter, an accused individual is innocent until proven guilty. However, when it comes to sex crimes, it is alarming how often a community or society seems ready to presume the guilt of an individual, even before the case has gone to trial.

Simply being accused of a sex crime can make you a pariah among your community for years. Even if you are ultimately acquitted of the crime or the charges are dropped, parents will likely always be uncertain about having their children in your presence. This is why it is important to take legal action in your defense as soon as you find out that you are considered a suspect in a sex crime.

The faster and more efficiently you can prove your innocence, the better chance you will have of getting through the ordeal without significant damage to your reputation. For example, if news gets out that you are a suspect, but you have already prepared an alibi, and you are able to refute the claims almost instantly, people will be much less likely to presume your guilt than if, for example, you were unable to prove your innocence until weeks after the accusation. If you are accused of a sex crime in Louisiana, or if you even fear that you might be a suspect in a sex crime, please visit our webpage to learn how you can take legal action in your defense.