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There are many drugs that could land you in trouble with the law in Louisiana, ranging from well-known substances like marijuana and heroin to drugs such as Ecstasy and LSD. The law in Louisiana takes criminal activity involving such drugs very seriously, particularly when it comes to dangerous drugs like cocaine. Being found in possession of such drugs can be extremely dangerous to your future as a conviction might cost a great deal of money in fines and see you spending a significant amount of time in prison.

However, it is important to remember that there is more to drug crimes in Louisiana than possession, manufacturing or distributing drugs. Even if you are not found in possession of a substance of any kind, you could face drug charges if the prosecution proves that you were involved in some form of drug activity. Simply having your hands clean, as it were, does not mean that you cannot be convicted of a drug crime.

Money laundering, drug conspiracy, and racketeering are among some of the drug charges that an individual could face even if he or she is not discovered with any drugs on his or her person. Simply being affiliated with a person who is convicted of drug possession or manufacturing might incriminate you as police could suspect you of being involved in the conspiracy.

The good news is that there are always options for legal defense. If you are facing drug charges such as conspiracy or racketeering, you can prove that you were not involved in any of the dealings with the right legal defense. Visit our webpage to learn how we can put our five decades of experience handling drug charges to work for you.