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What are the statutes for drug crimes in Louisiana?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2015 | Drug Charges, Firm News |

Every criminal act in every state in the country has a statute of limitations associated with it, a time frame in which legal action can be taken with ease. If the statute of limitations for a case expires, it is often extremely difficult or even impossible to take legal action on the case. For those who are accused of drug crimes, this information can be extremely useful.

The state of Louisiana has many different criminal statutes, and you may not be surprised to learn that the statute generally depends on the severity and circumstances of the criminal act. For example, the most serious crimes, for which life imprisonment or death could be reasonable punishment, have no statute of limitations whatsoever. Felonies can range from 10 years to six years to four years depending on the circumstances. Misdemeanors generally have a statute of only a few months or two years in the more extreme instances.

Because many drug crimes, especially those involving controlled substances such as cocaine, are punishable by hard labor, the statute of limitations for such cases will be between four and six years. This is a relatively long time frame, but that does not mean that you cannot take advantage of expired statutes for your legal defense.

There are many different legal defenses you can adopt if you are accused of a drug crime, but taking advantage of an expired statute is one of the most effective. Consult with an attorney if you are accused of drug crimes in Louisiana. You may find that the case for which you are accused occurred many years ago and that your defense will be easier than you expected.