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Louisiana has relatively strict DUI laws

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2016 | Drunk Driving, Firm News |

If you are at all familiar with DUI laws, you probably know that the laws vary from state to state in many different aspects. There are some aspects of DUI law that are ubiquitous across all states, such as the minimum BAC level of 0.08, but there are far more aspects, such as the punishments for a conviction, that vary greatly.

When you compare some of the aspects of DUI law for every state, you may be surprised to see that Louisiana is one of the less tolerant states when it comes to DUI. For example, all of our neighboring states have a zero tolerance BAC level of 0.02, but in Louisiana, zero tolerance truly means zero tolerance. Even if your BAC is 0.01, it is too much if you are underage. Additionally, while some states allow as much as a 0.20 BAC before the penalties for DUI are enhanced, Louisiana is tied for the lowest threshold of enhanced penalty at 0.15.

What this means for you as a Louisiana resident is that there is very little lenience when it comes to a DUI conviction. State officers will do all that they can to enforce the law, and even the slightest error can have severe consequences. For example, if a Breathalyzer is improperly calibrated and leads to an underage driver who is completely sober registering anything on the machine, that driver will likely be facing serious penalties.

If you are accused of driving under the influence in Louisiana, it is extremely important for you to speak with a defense attorney as soon as possible. Legal counseling and quick action by you can be the difference between a conviction with severe legal consequences and being acquitted of a crime that you were never guilty of.