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Louisiana sobriety checkpoint results in two arrests

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2016 | Drunk Driving, Firm News |

The holidays are here, and while it is a happy time of year for most in the United States, it is also a time for the authorities to ensure that people do not get too carried away with their festivities. With so many citizens reconnecting with friends and family, it is not unlikely for a few people to have a bit too much to drink. This is why Louisiana police established a checkpoint before the holidays in an effort to ensure that drivers were remaining safe on the road.

All totaled, the police screened more than 1,000 vehicles at their sobriety checkpoint, and of those, two drivers were arrested for drunk driving. According to reports, five of the drivers were suspected of impairment, but after administering field sobriety tests, officers only booked the two.

As admirable as it is for the authorities to keep drivers that are impaired off the road and ensure that everyone remains safe for the holidays, nobody wants to spend Christmas or New Year’s in police custody. Louisiana law is very clear when it comes to drunk driving, and, unfortunately, failing a field sobriety test is often extremely incriminating. However, just because you failed a field sobriety test does not mean that you are doomed to end the year behind bars.

There are many legal options available to individuals who are accused of drunk driving charges, ranging from defenses that can have the charges dropped to strong cases that can have sentences reduced. Enlisting the aid of an attorney can help you go from serious fines and jail time to a few hours of community service or even a complete acquittal. If you are facing drunk driving charges in Louisiana, consider meeting with an attorney to help you with your legal defense.

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