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There is more to a homicide case than just the trial

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2016 | Firm News, Murder & Other Homicide Crimes |

If you have been accused of murder or homicide in Louisiana, there is undoubtedly a great deal on your mind, not the least of which is how you will defend yourself legally against the charges. Especially if the evidence is stacked against you, you will need strong legal representation to help you build a solid case in your defense. However, there is more to legal representation than building a defense case or gathering evidence and alibis.

While it is extremely important to handle the case inside the courtroom, it is equally important to exert some measure of damage control outside of it. Public perception can have a great deal of influence on a case, and even if it does not affect the case, it could affect your life moving forward. Many men and women have been found innocent of crimes by a court of law, only to be ridiculed and treated as pariahs in society for years after the crime.

The truth is that for many murder cases, the public makes up their mind about a person’s guilt long before the jury has finished deliberating, which is why it is important to defend yourself just as aggressively outside the courtroom as it is to defend yourself inside it. We understand this, and we can help.

With more than 100 homicide cases behind us, we have the skills necessary to help defend those who are accused of murder from being wrongfully convicted. However, we also have experience protecting their perception in society, including handling the media and law enforcement officials to ensure that you are not illegally mistreated or slandered. Visit our Web page to learn how we can help you achieve a favorable outcome in your case.