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Facing DUI charges after Mardi Gras? We can help

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2016 | Drunk Driving, Firm News |

Mardi Gras has come and gone, and while Louisiana’s biggest party is always a chance to let loose and have some fun, it is also a time for drivers everywhere to be a little bit more careful. Unfortunately, Mardi Gras has a history of too many drivers getting behind the wheel of a car, which is why it is always important to party responsibly. Hire a taxi, or establish a designated driver, but never, under any circumstances, operate a vehicle while intoxicated.

The increase in drunk drivers on the road following Mardi Gras has, of course, had a similar effect on the presence of police officers, with many law enforcement officials out and about trying to catch drunk drivers before they cause any harm. However, this increase in security and zeal sometimes has the unfortunate side effect of pulling over and arresting individuals who have broken no laws.

It may sound far-fetched, but when you have many police officers who are sharply looking out for drunk drivers, some of the officers may notice a driver swerving or drifting in the lane and pull that driver over. The swerve could have been caused by something as simple as reaching down to change the radio station, but all it takes is probable cause for the police to pull you over. If the officer suspects you are drunk, he or she could ask you to submit to a Breathalyzer, and if the machine is improperly calibrated, you could be arrested for drunk driving even though you have broken no laws.

If this sounds like the situation you or someone you know is currently in after Mardi Gras, it is in your best interests to contact an attorney immediately. A DUI lawyer can be invaluable when it comes time to prove your innocence, allowing you to build a case and avoid being wrongfully convicted. You simply cannot afford to take the charges lightly, because a conviction could cost you thousands of dollars, months of your life and even your ability to drive.