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Even when arrested for drug crimes, you have rights

Too many Louisiana residents forget that they have rights, and that they are innocent until proven guilty. This is important to remember for all crimes, but it's arguably most important when it comes to drug crimes for two reasons. First, police have very specific rules that they must follow when searching for drugs. Second, because the circumstances of a drug crime arrest are often key to the case.

What is the BAC limit in Louisiana?

Among the most notorious crimes is Driving While Intoxicated. A great deal of the public stigma that surrounds DWI charges is the idea that those who choose to drive drunk are taking a risk with other people's lives, and that their irresponsibility could be fatal for others. While this is true, what people do not always acknowledge is the difference between drunk driving and DWI.

Drug charges could lead to the death penalty

If you have ever thought that drug charges are a laughing matter, think again. Louisiana law takes drug crimes very seriously, with first offenses often bringing hefty fines and serious time in jail as punishment. However, what may surprise you most about the consequences of drug crimes in Louisiana is that, for certain instances, a convicted person may have to pay the ultimate price.

Sex crimes and the death penalty

There are many different crimes that are punishable under the law, but sex crimes are undoubtedly among the most well-known and serious. In fact, some might argue that the only crime that holds a more serious stigma in society than sex crimes such as rape is murder. Some may even feel that rape is more serious than murder. Louisiana law agrees that the two are on the same level, as the punishments for both can be equally severe.

Legal assistance may help in homicide cases

If you have been accused of a homicide crime in Louisiana, it is very important that you remain calm. Fear and anxiety are obviously understandable responses, but you have very important rights that you must take advantage of, such as the right to remain silent and the right to legal representation. The main reason that these rights are so important is because they can be the difference between accidental self-incrimination and keeping the case open.

White collar crimes do not mean white collar culprits

There are many different types of criminal activity, and thanks to Hollywood and TV shows, people are familiar with many of them. Crimes such as sexual assault, armed robbery and murder are very prevalent within the public consciousness in Louisiana, and indeed all throughout the country, but there are some crimes that are not as well-known. Among these crimes are what are known as white collar crimes, crimes that generally involve deception to steal money or influence. 

I've been accused of identity theft. What should I do?

When the phrase white-collar crime is thrown around, many people immediately tune out, believing that, because they do not work a white-collar job, they will never need to worry about white-collar crime. The truth is that white-collar crime is not only reserved for white-collar employees. Any kind of fraud, which any person could find himself or herself accused of, is considered a white-collar crime.

Is marijuana legal in Louisiana?

Marijuana is easily one of the hottest and most controversial social and political topics in the country at the moment. A drug that was once widely considered to be extremely dangerous (and given the legal consequences to match) is now gaining popularity as a medical tool, an economic boost and even a recreational relaxant. Many states have legalized marijuana to varying degrees, with some states such as Colorado completely legalizing the substance in possession, sale and use.

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