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Knowing your Miranda rights is extremely important

Miranda rights are a fairly well-known aspect of criminal law, thanks largely to the procedurals and crime dramas that dominate primetime television. Nearly everyone is familiar with the speech that officers give to suspected criminals who are being arrested, detailing the person's rights regarding the criminal process. These rights include the right not to say anything and the knowledge that if the suspect does say anything, the statement can be used as evidence against the suspect.

Louisiana couple accused of murdering child

When most people think of murder, they envision a premeditated killing motivated by greed or vengeance; this is a popular portrayal of murder in the movies and on television. Of course, many murders occur in the heat of the moment and are accidental. Sometimes, in a moment of weakness or anger, we might do things that we would never usually do. In some other instances, we may not even be responsible for a death.

Louisiana resident facing fraud charges in Alabama

In September of last year, a Louisiana man was arrested in Alabama and charged with fraud and unregistered sales. This year, that same man has again been arrested on charges of defrauding investors. According to reports, the suspect turned himself in earlier this month before being released on a $15,000 bond.

Sex crimes and the Internet

For years, sex crimes were primarily a matter of physical and forensic evidence. Because many sex crimes are often a matter of one person's word against another, it is difficult to gain reliable witness testimony. Instead, a person who was accused of sexually assaulting another or of engaging in sexual relations with a minor would find law enforcement officials searching for fingerprints or bodily fluids that would prove some kind of sexual relations took place. However, the advent of computers and the Internet has changed the game in many ways.

A drunk driving conviction is never guaranteed

Some people are surprised by how serious a drunk driving conviction actually is. Most view drunk driving as a minor crime, and in some cases they consider it victimless, but the law disagrees. Because the dangers of drunk driving can lead to serious or fatal injury for other drivers on the road, drunk driving convictions can result in significant penalties, including license suspension and jail time. That is why you should always take your legal defense seriously, even if the odds are against you.

President Obama commutes dozens of drug offenses

Drug crimes are extremely serious offenses that often have significant legal penalties associated with them. But that may not remain the case, especially for certain types of drugs. For example, marijuana, which was once considered an extremely dangerous and illegal drug, is becoming more widely accepted across the country and is even legal in some states. A recent decision by our President seems to indicate further that the stigma around drug crimes is becoming less severe.

Tax season is here, and identity theft may run rampant

Every year around March and April, we begin to hear and see advertisements about the impending tax day, encouraging us to act early and quickly in filing our taxes to receive our deserved tax returns. Taxes are often a very complex issue for many people, which is why certain institutions provide tax filing services for a fee. Unfortunately, some people still struggle with their taxes, and this confusion can complicate matters further.

Don't delay building defense against sex crime charges

There are few criminal allegations that can be more damaging to a person's reputation than those of sex crimes. This is largely because many people immediately assume that a person is guilty almost as soon as the allegations are made. The idea that someone would wrongfully or erroneously accuse a person of sex crimes is incomprehensible to most people, which means that even if the charges against you are ultimately dropped, you may still suffer irreparable damage to your public image if you do not move quickly.

What are the penalties for second-degree murder?

Murder of any kind is an extremely serious criminal offense, but in the eyes of the law, the circumstances under which a murder was committed, and the factors that played a role in the murder can make some murders more serious than others. The most serious type of homicide crime is First-Degree Murder, but depending on the circumstances, some murders may be considered Second-Degree murders, or even manslaughter. 

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