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White collar crime convictions could ruin your career

On Behalf of | May 8, 2016 | Firm News, White Collar Crimes |

White collar crime may not seem like the most serious area of criminal law that a person could end up on the wrong side of. After all, how many people receive the death penalty for stealing money from a corporation? Even though white collar crime may not seem like a particularly big deal, the truth is that white collar crime could have significant, long-lasting effects on a person’s career, in addition to all of the other legal penalties associated with a criminal conviction.

Nearly every criminal conviction comes with some risk of jail time and fines, and white collar crimes are no exception. In fact, the financial repercussions of white collar crime are often even more serious than those of other types of crimes, because convicted individuals are expected to pay back some or all of the money that they were convicted of taking, either for fraud, embezzlement or a combination of both.

In addition to these penalties, many individuals who are convicted of white collar crime tend to be involved in white collar careers or may be just starting out in what could be a lucrative career. As you might expect, a white collar crime will all but ensure that a person’s chances of continuing on that career path will be eliminated. Few corporations would be willing to take a chance on a person who was convicted of stealing large sums of money, no matter how qualified the applicant.

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