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Is forgery a federal offense?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2016 | Firm News, White Collar Crimes |

Many actions classify as forgery and you may not realize you are committing forgery or anything as serious as a white collar crime. If you are responsible for creating, altering or completing a transaction using writing to represent something it is not and in an effort to gain something through the false representation, you are likely guilty of forgery.

While state laws vary, many states deal with forgery charges on a state level and in their courts. A conviction for the white collar crime of forgery can be pursued in federal courts and considered a federal offense if the misrepresentation involved a passport, visa or any other government document, or was conducted in an attempt to defraud a federal agency or the federal government.

If you even suspect a case is being made against you, you will want to be proactive in your defense. White collar criminal cases can be passed around news stations and wreak havoc to your reputation. Before you speak to anyone, you may want to seek out a knowledgeable Louisiana attorney for representation.

If you have already been charged with forgery and are facing criminal charges, you will likely benefit from the guidance of a white collar crime attorney who will listen to the details of your particular situation and work to get you the best possible outcome. Forgery is considered a serious offense, particularly when it is committed against the government. Federal court, as well as federal charges, are not things to be taken lightly.