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Louisiana police chief faces a civil suit for sexual accusations

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2016 | Firm News, Sex Offenses |

When it comes to accusations, there isn’t anyone who is immune to allegations and the investigation that follows them. Early June saw the start to a civil lawsuit against a former Louisiana chief of police for allegations of an assault of a sexual nature toward a drunken woman. The woman now is pursuing damages in a federal trial, stating the sexual assault was initiated by the on-duty police chief inside a small town police station in Sorrento, Louisiana. She claims he forced her to perform certain sexual acts.

While the man has not faced any state charges, the charges that preceded on a federal level have already resulted in the man being required to resign as chief of police as well as complete two years of probation. His lawyers argue that he never initiated the act, but the plaintiff actually used lascivious behavior and actions to avoid time in jail. She had been arrested on charges of public intoxication.

When questioned, the former chief invoked his right to the Fifth Amendment and has refused to answer any questions set about by the prosecution.

If you find yourself facing charges of a sexual nature, you may be wise to invoke the Fifth as well. At least until you have an attorney working with you to build the foundation of a formidable defense. These charges are damaging.

Prosecution is worse. Civil suits and damages awarded to an alleged victim can be further devastating. Do not risk self-incrimination and do not trust your defense to a court-appointed attorney. Don’t let charges further damage your reputation, end your career or eliminate your physical and financial freedom. When it comes to sexual offenses, building a criminal defense is necessary and time-sensitive.

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