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On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2016 | Drug Charges, Firm News |

Throughout the US, many states have made major moves to accept the relevancy of marijuana as a therapeutic or medicinal drug, not only one of recreation and a potential intoxicant. The laws have become far more lenient in many states. However, in Louisiana, state laws around marijuana remain some of the strictest in the nation.

This is because, while legislation has recognized the medicinal attributes of marijuana, it has not been legally allowed to be distributed. Therein lies the conundrum. Doctors are legally able to prescribe its use and patients, once prescribed, are legally allowed to use it, but there is no legally entitled middleman to connect the two.

Obviously, this can cause a significant dilemma when it comes to marijuana use, marijuana growth, possession and distribution. Even still, federal law always takes precedence over state law and while federal law enforcement does not make a habit of pursuing minor marijuana infringements, it does actively pursue enforcement on the possession, cultivation, distribution, manufacturing and trafficking of the drug.

Various Senate groups have continually shut down efforts to reduce possession penalties and industry advancements in Louisiana involving marijuana.

If you have been arrested on charges related to your possession of marijuana, you may have a substantial court battle ahead of you, particularly if you believe you were walking a legal gray area when it comes to the use of the drug. A criminal law attorney in Louisiana may be able to work with you to not only build a substantial defense but may also expedite the evolution of the drug’s acceptance into Louisiana law.