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On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2016 | Firm News, Sex Offenses |

With Baton Rouge continuing to occupy a frenzy of media attention, it is becoming more and more evident how a minor altercation between two people can escalate rapidly and change the course of lives. These life-changing and serious consequences don’t just involve those in the altercation, they involve families everywhere, in other cities, other states and anywhere a mother, father, grandparent or child has access to the news.

Whether you are approached by police for drunk driving, sexual offenses, drug manufacturing, trafficking or possession, threats of violence or allegations of embezzlement or forgery, your future is in jeopardy and how you proceed makes a world of difference.

In light of recent events, gun crimes may garner more severe penalties in the courts and by law enforcement. If you are facing serious charges or believe you are under investigation, you may be wise to do your research and find a criminal defense team in the Baton Rouge area that will advocate for you and in your defense with passion and an intent to get things right.

At Damico & Stockstill, Attorneys at Law, our attorneys will go to work for you. We won’t let you defend yourself alone. We will find every way to procure the best outcome possible based upon the circumstances of those charges and whether or not you had any involvement in the allegations brought against you. If there is too much against you to see charges completely dropped, you may be able to have your charges reduced or any future consequences diminished through reduced penalties and sentencing.