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Government officials involved in bribery charges

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Bribery is not only unethical, it is also against the law. Bribery is accepting gifts or anything of value in exchange for a favor. Bribes may be taken by public officials or government officials using their office as a way to make illegal money. Charges on the account of bribery at the public office are not taken lightly by the government.

Bribes can take many shapes. They are not always in the form of cash. In most cases, other tangible things like gifts are used to buy off officials with power. If you have been accused of a bribery charge, you must familiarize yourself with your rights. Prosecutors do not always require a written agreement to prove that bribery has taken place. But they must establish the intent of both the involved parties. Both the giving and receiving parties can be held liable and charged with bribery.

The prosecution might face certain difficulties when proving the bribery charge in court. The proceedings may often turn out to be complicated because all the details of the case are scrutinized before the judge reaches a final verdict. In case of federal employees, the government has established particular elements of a bribery charge that the prosecution must successfully prove.

  • The individual involved must hold a public office.
  • Something tangible must be offered to the public official.
  • An official act should be influenced because of the bribe in question.
  • The public official should have the power to make the changes in the official act.
  • Intent must be established, and a connection should be made between the bribe and the intent of both parties.

If you are a government employee who is being charged with bribery, you may want to consider hiring an attorney for legal counsel. Bribery cases are not to be taken lightly. Swift action and defense on your part might prove to be in your best interest.