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Drug paraphernalia laws in the U.S

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2016 | Drug Charges, Firm News |

A drug paraphernalia charge is applied when someone is caught with special items that may be used to manufacture drugs. Although drugs like methamphetamine and heroin are illegal, they are still being manufactured. The government uses the drug paraphernalia law to make sure people do not carry the equipment required to produce illegal substances.

You might have to face drug paraphernalia charges if you are caught selling items required to manufacture drugs. An example of these items is flasks, tubes and pseudo, used to manufacture methamphetamine. Getting caught with these items could lead to paraphernalia charges. Even if the items are common household items, you could face severe consequences. Transportation of such equipment can also be deemed illegal and result in drug charges. But you can easily deal with these charges if you have proof that you will not use this equipment to manufacture drugs. It is important to state your reason for having the equipment to make sure you do not face serious prosecution.

Being found guilty of paraphernalia charges could lead to hefty fines and prison time as well. Although it is easy to evade these charges by stating why you had the equipment in question, there is a chance that the law enforcement authorities do not accept your explanation and you case goes to court.

If you are facing drug paraphernalia charges, it is advisable to contact an experienced defense attorney. The attorney will help you prove that the equipment found in your possession was not for drug manufacturing purposes.