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Registering as a sex offender

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2016 | Firm News, Sex Offenses |

Each state has a sex offender registry by which they keep track of convicted sex offenders in the district. The registry is a database that is open to public view and contains information about the convicted offenders. The requirement that places one in the registry differs between states. Some regions follow Sex Offender Registration and Notification act’s (SORNA) standards, whereas others have implemented entirely different laws.


In most cases, a person who has been found guilty of a particular sex offence against minors must be registered for sexual misconduct in his or her hometown. The individual is required to update their information every passing year and is also obligated to register in a new town, in case he or she moves.  The data that is filed includes his/her name, address, social security number, biometric photograph, fingerprint, DNA sample and more.

The consequences of being registered as a sex offender can be serious on their own. It can affect your family life, cause damage to reputation, employment and make you an open target for criticism. While your mistake is past you, there is always a possibility of landing back in prison if you are unable to meet the requirements imposed under the law.

If you have been registered as a sex offender, then getting in contact with a criminal defense attorney might benefit you. There is still hope and hiring an experienced lawyer can help you conform to the legal requirements set by the federal law. This will prevent you from facing additional penalties in the future.