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Federal Trade Commission takes telemarketing fraud seriously

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2017 | Firm News, White Collar Crimes |

Several scams take place over phone calls. It is important to recognize them and protect yourself from telemarketing fraud.  Telemarketing fraud is one of the simplest crimes to commit because someone just needs to call the victim to make up a false statement which urges the victim to give money to the caller. For example, the caller may entice a victim by asking them for their personal after telling them they have won a prize in a lottery. Another way is by claiming to be an anti-virus software company and encourages the victim to share their personal computer information for getting away with a virus.

Even though there are several creative means to commit telemarketing crime, there are some ways for you to protect yourself from it.

  • Register your number with the ‘National do not call registry’ where telemarketers are not allowed to make calls and a scam becomes evident.
  • If your phone is unable to detect the source of a call that was made at an odd time, it is probably a scam call.
  • Ensure to keep your personal information secure and do not give it out to anyone especially a telemarketer. In case you are interested in an offer, feel free to ask them to send you an email.
  • The last resort can be to simply hang up if you feel pressured.

The Federal Trade Commission is accountable for prosecuting telemarketing fraud. The FTC decides whether a case comes under the category of telemarketing fraud which can also be appealed to the US court. If you are facing charges against telemarketing fraud, you are innocent until proven guilty. You can consult a criminal defense lawyer to get more insights about this.