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When should you accept a plea bargain?

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2017 | Firm News, Murder & Other Homicide Crimes |


Baton Rouge residents who are accused of a crime often have an attorney who works to negotiate with the prosecution. Often, a plea bargain is the result of these negotiations. So how does a person know if they should accept a plea bargain that is being offered to them?

When a person is arrested for a serious crime in Baton Rouge, they can feel overwhelmed. The legal system is confusing and full of jargon that can be hard to understand. When a defense attorney is able to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution, there are a few things for a defendant to consider before accepting the deal. First, if a person’s defense attorney believes that the plea bargain is a good deal, then it probably is. A defense attorney has many years of experience negotiating the terms and conditions of plea bargains and is a good resource in these cases.

Second, a defendant should examine the plea bargain and determine whether it is a good deal in their case. An initial round of negotiations typically does not result in the best plea bargain, so it may not be wise to take the first one that is offered. Finally, a defendant should determine if the plea bargain is in their best interest. A prosecutor wants to have the defendant found guilty, so the plea bargain may not actually help the defendant.

An attorney who is skilled in criminal defense has the experience necessary to negotiate a plea bargain and advise their client on what makes sense. They know the ins and outs of the criminal justice system and are a strong advocate for the client and their client’s wishes. This can be an advantage to someone who has been accused of a serious crime such as an assault or murder. Many times, these serious charges can bring penalties that include thousands of dollars in fines, jail time, and even the death penalty.

A plea bargain can be a way for a defendant to have the charges reduced against him. A legal professional skilled in criminal defense can help their client negotiate a plea bargain that works for their situation.

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